Petition for PG to make this a thing


With some “bugs” in it, to make it “Authentic PG Item”


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: So true


A plushie… you people want a plushie…
And a petition to make it happen…


PS: I’m taking note of everyone who wants this so I know who I should take less serious on future posts. Thank you.


It’s in the “off-topic” subforum… I wouldn’t take anything seriously posted in this forum. :joy:


Are you serious…?


If more people had plushies the world would be a better place…


My 12 year old went "Huuuummmm? A plushie? :nauseated_face: … why? "


Sorry that you don’t love adorable fun plushie dragons.


The full grown adult who is a highly qualified educator & who loves fun


I did once…
I was given some at the time. Then I bought a few when my child was born. Muppets specially.

Now I like guitars, traveling, and redheads.


just had to make it a little creepy?



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