Petition/Poll to make the Archmages

…a single Archmage with both effects :slight_smile:
Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Outside of the supershot damage boost (while remaining weak), there is no great use for this Archmages (perhaps for those with 40+ maxed towers). But on the contrary a Mage with both effects would be fantastic and it would be worth the resources.

  1. Max 1 per island (Island = a set of 5 towers).
  2. Cannot be placed with other Mages on the same island (just like Storm and Earth Flak).
  3. Upgradeable with Wood / Electrum Bar / Cosmic Charge (just like the Orrey).
  4. Same HP , same Supershot damage , same area of effects.
  • YES please :slight_smile:
  • NO thanks ( argue your “no thanks” )
  • YES but let’s talk about the details

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No thanks. But arguing requires energy so no thanks to that too lol.


No thanks and I wont explain further because…


It was called the Double Stuffed Orrey Tower. Community protested. It was changed to the regular Orrey. Been there, tried that. The end.


How about No, what game have you been playing?

Deleted a whole spill about being mage racist, red spells, blue spells, and white spells, etc etc etc and the balance of power, etc etc etc etc.

Just No.



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Your point is, that they are useless and you want to improve the situation. My point is a No to the changes, since it would just go against the purpose of a mage tower. It’s a specific defensive tool and should be used as such. And it’s a differentiator between F2P and E2P on one side and Spenders on the other side. Your proposed changes go against both purposes of the archmage towers.
And I see a lot of those things on different bases….most of the time, they are utilized as rage drain options without sacrificing the number of standard mages, you can build on your base. Using them that way is a good option, even if you don’t spend on the game.



It may be too early in the morning but when you say "with both effects " what do you mean ? :expressionless:


Uh what exactly is this thread ? The thread that wants bases to be useless?

It’s an interesting idea. I have to admit I’m entirely neutral about it. If it came to be eh, I’d adapt, if it didn’t, eh, wouldn’t affect me.

That being said it’s an interesting reminder of the strategy behind mages. Today, it can be a conundrum whether to sacrifice damage in order to set up one mage of each color on a base, or to only get one type of mage and hope that the dragon-flavour of the season is weak to this specific one. A dual-archmage would kind of mess up with this strategy aspect and streamline even more a basebuilding meta that already lacks a bit in diversity for anyone attempting to look into some basic competitivity.

Thinking about it like that, I’m kinda meh about it.

That being said, at my level, most (non lineage) dragons appear pretty OP compared to the same level bases they attack, so it could be a way of nudging the game towards a better dragon-base balance.

As I said: interesting and at least some food for thought.