Petition to change timing of glory event

Can we include the weekends for glory event
In atlas :pleading_face:.
As of now it seems to be falling only on weekdays.
I’m way too busy on weekdays, but probably will be online all the time during weekends for atlas.
Is it just me?


Hmmm maybe merge glory and troop training into a mega event that lasts the full week every second week :slight_smile:

Minor event weekends are so boring it would be nice to have something to do!


I take two weeks usually to clear my hospital lel, I need a full week just for reviving ha


Could we just swap troop training and the training camp/glory event round? That way glory event wouldn’t be obstructed by updates and the troop train event would mainly fall during atlas pvp times reducing the need to swap/hit in NML to max the event.


I’m assuming the glory event will fall during the guard swap times if they are both completely shifted

Not really. Glory falls during minor event weeks, currently Monday-Friday. If you swapped things around then you’d have Troop training Monday-Friday every week and then Glory Friday - Monday still during minor event weeks and Training Camp Friday - Monday on PvP weeks. PvP shields dont go up until Wednesday which would be during Troop Training

That’s not a bad idea actually since then glory would fall during the weekend

If anything it would be worse for people doing guard swaps because most of those guard swaps happen over the weekend during troop training. Changing this would make them have to hold off on reviving troops until after the pvp event ended

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I’ll take it as long as it includes the weekend :joy:


But it has to coincide with atlas downtime and system updates obviously…

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PG: We’re going to switch around events so Hunt for Glory and Training Camp will be during the weekend now instead of on Tuesday when we usually do updates

Also PG: Updates will now be done on Saturday-Sunday

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