Petting/feeding system


I really lack the intimacy you can have with your dragons. The only thing you do with them is levelling and fighting. I want to be able to feed them personally, and pet them…A bit like pokemon amie, only more simple. Since I want to create a bond with the game and with the dragons. I also think it would attract more people since most games don’t have the option to bond with your dragon. I hope people will consider this topic. It would be fun!


That might be a game you’d be able to download…


Yes! Like a side-game!


I mean, you can probably download another app to get what you’re looking for.



You breed, use (if at all past breedable), and move on to the next one. This game doesn’t need a dragon happiness meter.


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I’m lacking intimacy with my dragons as well, and the riders, especially the riders


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I imagined a ticklish Axi in den… (N)Awwwww!!!

And come to think of it: This is War Dragons, not Petting Zoo.


I feel close to my dragons when they do what they’re told and take out a base. I give them a little pat on the head.


Same xd


We need a proof.

A video of you doing so.



Trust me, whatever you’re imagining looks much better. :grin:




:neutral_face:… I have lost all words.


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OP this might be more your style.


Proposition for PG: allow players to buy premium food, which is literally just standard food but it sparkles. You can feed your dragons this whenever you like to increase “dragon happiness”! It’s organic, and plant free. A good price to start with would be ten food for 1.0k rubies; this should improve player happiness, dragon happiness, AND quarterly revenue. I won’t charge a royalty, go ahead and use my brilliant idea :bulb:


I really can’t tell if I want to step on a lego rn , or stub my toe… both seem better then this thread .:neutral_face:


Oh come on rabbit . :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Fr?..


Don’t we have Dragon Happiness already?
In the form of unusable exp…

More xp means more often we use the dragon… :roll_eyes: