@PG 1 week, thats all you got left to fix this game

Im tired of all this garbage going on and being told that the devs are working on it… only changes i see is new useless things being added to a completely broken game.
Havent been able to use atlas in 4 weeks, pvp event is all kinds of broken, even opening system mails the first time crashes the game, atlas constantly crashes when i try to use it, and i still have yet to see my missing sigils from season start
Support keeps telling me its being worked on, but there is literally no evidence if that.

Get to your job devs!
I have played this game for 3,5 years and we always had to endure the faults in this game, but now there isnt much game left to play, you guys rly done it this time.

You got 1 more week, if this aint playable by next weekend im out.
Im not a big spender so you guys wont care one bit, but a lot of players like me are having the same experience, just look at the dragon-manager website :man_shrugging:


Would you rather them tell you that they are not worried about it one bit?

What device are you using because I’m pretty sure atlas has been fine for the last 3 weeks. Atlas crashes for me occasionally because my device is an older version so it may be the same for you.
You’re also not seeing much progress on fixing the bugs because PG needs to keeps responding to hundreds of tickets personally or else people will go on here and complain.
I agree that PG should spend more time fixing instead of adding and that they should make sure that releasing updates won’t cause all kinds of bugs.

Replying to tickets isnt the dev teams problem, its supports problem, but the devs are just putting random new stuff out there thats pointless in a broken environment.

It aint my device, its the game

And if they would say they dont care at least they d be honest :man_shrugging:



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