PG abuse of rights

I have something to say to PG and the player. I have been playing this game for over 1 year with only 1 account. I still play according to the policy set by PG during that time. Later I did not understand why, my account was blocked by PG. I contacted PG to help me why my account is locked. and at first PG checked my account saying that it was an error due to PG’s processor, telling me to wait and I wait. But when I email PG to process it, PG always asks me to wait. I have waited more than 3 months but there is no information from PG yet. This proves that PG did not solve for me. PG is not very professional. PG has intentionally locked my account and did not give the reason why it was locked. I asked PG to return the account to me.


Just letting you know it’s Christmas for them and they won’t get back to this for a couple days. Second you need to post a screen shot or the ticket number so support here can look into this.


First of all check that you didn’t get a response that you didn’t notice. Often people have replies that they don’t know about.

Secondly, I would recommend you escalate your ticket. Nobody is likely to be able to help you on a public forum. If you would like you can pm an appropriate person with your ticket number. I can all but guarantee nobody will respond for for at least a day or two due to the holidays.

You might also find a friendlier tone is more likely to get a quicker response. We all understand that it’s frustrating being without your account for 3 months, but as you are only now bringing it up for escalation pg will need some time. Mistakes happen.

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