PG already nerfed the dragon against towers, aren’t they?

There is something realy strange. I do have some xpbases which i attacking daily. After leveling up some dragons while the event started i am not able to take them down!? Before the event started i did hit them with one dragon without booster. Now, the same dragon got 5 lvl more. But i need the 30% boosts even to have a chance to finish the base with a single dragon.

I didn’t found any notes about nerfing any dragons.
Anybody do have the same typ of experiences?

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What dragon?

And what bass?

I have vulcan, Kaju and Rizar which i level usually with the 147 base from the team Xpfarmloosex1… i guess thats the team name. They were from lvl4-7 and all they dragons are now at lvl 10-11! Also was able with Anuba to hit the 312 xp base over 80%. I had attack power with grogg about 7.9M (30% boosters inc.)now after leveling them i have 11.8M with 30% boosts and dont get them anymore!
Also some of my teammates have same behavior like that.

Also i have a weaker feeling with Kelvin while hitting my usual xp bases. But he is stronger than the otherplatins

I see my teammates with Apophet and spindra having similar issues

Experiencing the same with pretty much every dragon I have.

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Most of these issues should have been resolved.

There a was a problem in the update that caused some variables to be read incorrectly.

Many people have reported success by fully uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Isn’t it lvl 147 Farm4Exp (XPFARMS4YOU) ? I think it’s because the base is boosted. I’m now able to get max XP from the base which is why I realized something has changed. Used to get around 25k XP before this event and now my max 29.2k

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Farm4Exp has also been upgrading. It was lvl 140 when I bookmarked, 142 when I started using it and now boosted. I don’t know about other bases though :thinking:

Yes i know, the were active at the fortification. Event. After they have already 147 I was abke to defeat this base with my dragons. Now i levelt my dragons, and they dont get them. :unamused:

I tried it. No result. I also spoke with some friends which have the same issue.
I will open a ticket. Just wondering why i dont find here more people having the same thing!?

Did they change layout on the base? This could cause your problem or the base being boosted as mentioned above. I believe rizar has been fixed but he is no longer in my line up. When i had vulcan his success was highly dependant on supershot and layout.

I noticed on one I use frequently that the farm at the very beginning of the island heals the fire turrets a lot more frequently than it used to - but that’s been going on for about 2 weeks…

I have also found that, even in back to back runs on the same base (unboosted base, and unboosted dragon), 95% of the time I can 2-tap lvl 45 towers with Avyx, but sometimes it takes 3 on the exact same towers… (all instances have require Talon Frenzy to be cast).

Yes they did change some level while fortification event. But i do the last few weeks every day the same 15 Multi flys by my own. With the same dragons. And the day or two after upgrading were different than the day after the Spring season began! Also the 312er base with Anuba is prety diffrent.

I was able to solo 147 without boosting dragons till this feeding :thinking: and the base didn’t give max XP before feeding… do you remember the DF power? I don’t but I’m sure it’s not the same anymore

I don’t know for sure, too.

I checked the base again. There for Sure some chsnges done!
But also reanimate from Anuba didn’t give me the full health back!? Was there a nerfing to which i didn’t knew about?

I’ve had the same issue with Kelvin, vulcan, sekhem, kaiju. vucan’s fireball, kelvin’s frozen tomb, kaiju’s seething spark and sekhems sands do less damage against the same base from directly before the update to directly after the update. normal attacks (no spells) also do less damage than before the update

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