Pg and faction Appreciation

Can we all take a moment and put all the negatives aside and appreciate pg and everyone in factions to help the game. I think this is long over due as multiple players come on the forums to just complain sometimes (myself sometimes) but really they do a great job at running a game a lot of people play and releasing content which most game company just don’t care about their player base. :clap: I appreciate and applaud everyone on pg and helpinin factions to make this game better! Thanks for all you do we appreciate it! ( Sorry for the complains I know you guys are working on stuff I just get many ideals every day lmfao)


And forum mods.


and the the trolls

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Yup! Mods too!

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I won’t be Debbie downer but I will add a huge kudos to all the players who maintain Neon War Dragons. Seems I use it almost every day. Send them a gift whenever it comes back around in the game.