Pg and the the lost server connection

I’m not sure when it started but have a feeling after the last update WD started to play silly BUGGERS.(UK slang for p****** me about) Atlas is so slow that it makes it look like a snail is moonwalking. Claim a prize and have to reclaim several times for it to register.
Yes done the standard help desk request that is why I try not to use them.
Uninstall reinstall clear cache.BLAH BLAH BLAH. JOBS A GOOD UN. not always.

Now getting a message saying server sync error. Now once or twice I can expect but double figures in a session of WD flying dragons.

Flying on Atlas is fun, hit attack and wait 15 to 30 seconds before it registered, is not fun, also waiting to attack and being told unable to attack but after 3-4 attempts able to attack.

Then the dreaded sync server message, I’ve lost thousands of troops due to this new message I’m getting.

Could be wrong but it sounds like you have a poor connection on your device or using an older device. If you’re using WiFi ya might try a WiFi repeater to increase your coverage.

I’m in game probably too much each day and I have experienced the sync but maybe once every two weeks.

Living this nightmare for a looong time…

I’ve had the same kind of thing going when in atlas I’ll just get kicked from the game completely if I go to attack a mine once I select a drag and to invite teammate menu out we go so I clear all apps and load again and it will do it over and over out of 10 attAck attempts I may get thru twice it only happens in atlas and when I attack an actual player of it kicks me the same as stated above when I go back in and try it again it will say sorry you must complete last attack so I can never attack anyone and with that said I lose all my troops and have to re summon it’s get very irritating

When I say kicked I mean completely back to phones main screen and FYI it’s not a connection issue it’s not old software issue I’ve reinstalled the game like 5 or 6 times now and still they same stuff I have plenty of storage on my phone there’s nothing that should be causing it on my end anyone having same issues

Yes, unfortunately always…

This one is also fun. Fortunately it only took a restart and not a reinstall to fix.

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