PG - Any new pvp events on the roadmap?

Hi @PGGalileo

Any chance some new pvp events can be added into the rotation?

Since I started playing this game 5 pvp events have been removed from the rotation namely :-

April 2018 KoTH ( King of the Hill )
Feb 2018 CtF ( Capture the Flag, Tug of War )
Jul 2016 Dragon Games
Feb 2016 Blackbloods ( Now assault )
Feb 2016 BotHS ( Now Atlas )
??? Sentinel

( BotHS = Battle of the High Seas - kill boats! )

In additon we also lost 2 minor events.

Thats a loss of 7 events with the addition of only one event.

We havent seen a single new event for over two years. The last addition was Temple Raid in August 2018.

The current rotation is getting stale. I think it would be great if you guys could recycle KoTH and create a fresh fun new one.

I have seen some cool ideas by players over the years.

I myself had an idea ( although it had luke warm feedback )

Would be awesome if your team spun up something fresh and new!

But back to my topic recently you spoke of a roadmap - are there any plans to freshen up the rotation on the road map?



Must have been beta ; I love the concept name , must brainstorm on this :joy:

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Pic of it here. It was the original atlas. Except you would attack players bases as a series of boats.


Only two of those were ever “in the rotation”, the other three were one time events as far as I can tell. Also you forgot Conquer the World. And we lost just 1 minor event that was ever in rotation (feeding) for a total of rotational events gone. Not seven.

And we gained Temple Raid, Kingdom Wars, Assault and Team Dungeons in that time as well. We could definitely use another event or two for variation, but it’s not quite the 7 lost 1 gained you sketched, and more like 4 lost 4 gained.


@Morreion - Conquor the World is Kingdom Wars.

CtW ended January 2018 and was re branded KW in April 2018. ( The lava lamp style world map was replaced for a hex based map. )

Blackbloods was done at least 3x. It was taken out of rotation because it didn’t have a real energy cost associated with it. You could just wait for the cooldown and still complete it and as stated by one PG rep did not fit the revenue model.

But yep DG and BotHS were once each. Was using them for illustrative purposes that obviously PG can spin up new events pretty fast if they wanted to.

We lost 2 minor events.

  • Feeding ( fixed ! )
  • XP

XP used a log method to award points. It was really fun although we only had it maybe 3 times all up.

I have Assault on my list ( Blackbloods ) Assualt isnt a major event like it used to be when it was Blackbloods.

While I do like team dungeons it is also not a major event.


Gal has said they’re working on a PvP, but that’s all I know.


You forgot this event (and I can’t quite remember the name, think maby it was “Sentinels”)

you battled against 1 team for 50 minutes with 10 minute cooldown. The team chose to start the battle, meaning that you could do any number between 0 and 24 in a day. also meaning you could chose to battle at convenient times for your team. The more battles - the more points.

each team could build up their sentinel with lumber - and that was the worst since you could only add 100K lumber at a time :see_no_evil:

the sentinel made the bases stronger while it was alive, once killed all team bases would revert to normal strength.

I still remember this event as being one of the most fun. Because the fight were short, they were hectic and adrenalin high. you almost felt like you were in combat :wink:


I wanna know more . This definitely can be tweaked to an interesting concept . Is there any info about it ??


I wanna destroy more boat now :see_no_evil:

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That one must of been before my time :stuck_out_tongue:

I have now added it to my list.

Sounded pretty cool!


It only came out once but everyone on your team had one castle from memory. You could use your dragons to tow your island to the rest of your teams islands.

You needed troops like in atlas and had to farm gold from gold mines to build them.

You also needed to make boats but you used normal wood to make them.

There werent any primarchs and I remember it being quite raw.

I agree they could easily modify it and bring it back as something fun and interesting

I am interested more on the battle style . I am always keen on brainstorming on pvp battles

Found this site that describes how it worked


I will read and take notes . From the pic u sent seems more like a base skin with boats carrying towers

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Yeah it was just a skin.

You flew the same zig zag pattern.

Was nice to attack something different though and strangely satisfying sinking an entire fleet.

Could be re worked into something more interesting

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I just want king of the hill back :disappointed: I enjoyed that one


Me too!!

The only thing I didn’t like was getting seige weapons and barricades in my gold and bronze packs.

But they could let us use our own wood to make barricades and substitute the seige weapons for inner fires.

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I honestly liked the siege equipment, yea was annoying to get them in gold chests but as a f2p player they’re what made that event really nice. Stack those up plus the point buff you got for doing a lot of attacks in a row made it one of the better events for not being a spender


My absolute FAVORITE!

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If we lost breeding event then I have no idea what I was doing last event.