PG any update on Q1 deliverables?

Hi PG with Q1 ending over a week ago can you kindly provide an update on the committed deliverables?

Crystal Caves excluded because it has been delivered - yay! Crystal Caves was likely the biggest item on the list. One down few others to go:-

Open Multiple Chests at Once

We are in the middle of testing this and we are somewhat confident that this will be implemented this quarter, hopefully sooner than later. No timeline that we are ready to share yet, but I can say that we are nearly finished testing.

Reduce Temple Raid Guardian Grind by Raid Button/Auto Resolve.

delayed May / June as per @ZeroDucksGvn below.

We are actively working on this now – and it is part of our Q1 Initiatives (our current quarter) – hopefully we can get this implemented by the beginning of April.

Introduce a glory-based Atlas event in lieu of the Primarch event

This is one of our top Atlas priorities for this quarter!

Atlas Defense Banner

This is a low priority task for Q1 – which means that it’s on our list, but there are a lot of things that are higher priority than it for the team working on it. When we do get to it, the update will likely be part of a larger Atlas update.

Find a way to reduce Atlas Stagnation (allow us to get to hiding teams without bubbling noob teams that can’t fight back)

Super high Atlas team priority for this quarter.


They updated this last TR to be later on around May or June


This company is the epitome of procrastination lol