Pg atlas shuffle survey doesnt work

I have tried for several times to send my survey although, the link for submission does not work.

Here it is my comments added on the survey, that will never ever go through in the link.

@PGGalileo I really hope you read this thread.

First of all, I play this game since September/2015, and for the very first time I see a big fall on your architecture and design.

please read it through, in the end you will have what I was imagining, something big and amazing!!! but in reality it am disappointed and disgusted with the map structure. It was very difficult and time taking to produce troops, in this new layout , I dont believe the players will stand a chance to produce and revive troops rapidly, approximately 90% of my castles have become access.

it was difficult to maintain before, but in this shuffle the very deep castle that we have became gateway of a neutral or white zone.

To be honest, I feel betrayed and misguided by your team, as the previous conversations and main idea was to have the 5ta together in the same area, so we as a big team we would be able to protect each other. I still have the prints from the forum saying this, and to be honest in reality it did happen. I think you have failed BIG TIME with your customers, we are loyal, but things like this will destroy our eager to play. We have communities outside the game platform, we made plans based on what YOU AS A GAME DEVELOPERS have presenter, but encountering a map difficult to look at. Actually its not a map it is a very badly designed puzzle without logic.

I was expecting something more appealing like Dungeons, something more futuristic with missions before attacking castles. For example : in the primarily idea of having all 5ta teams together, a feature where we could build a wall surrounding like creating a big shield protecting the 5TA castles. Think about biology: invaders attacking a cell, to break the cell wall an invader should either have the key to open a gate or break the wall. I believe you should focus in design. Imagine how competitive this would be. Here is one of the many ideas, that I have.

Unfortunately, in this system I cannot send a mini clip showing the issue.