PG banned me from forums for being frustrated at their mess

Yep it happened again. PG won’t respond to me on the forums or in tickets and no matter the threads I’ve asked Jared to look at my account (being on one the first ones there) he ignores me and goes to someone else. You can’t ignore me just because I freely express my dislikes about you. Jesus Christ you need to be more professional!
Pretty please can you respond to the account which you banned from the forums like I’ve asked sooooo many times before. The 7th of March isn’t acceptable to reply to a ticket. I understand that you got thousands but if you could do something right for once, you wouldn’t have this problem. Hide me, block me, do whatever you want but what you’re doing isn’t right!

Edit: account name is INeverDefend and ticket number is 1052635

Your post is lacking any useful information. Without the name of the account your talking about and without the ticket numbers of the tickets you’re referring to there’s about zero chance anyone can help you with it. So before you complain about PG ignoring this post too, try to add some actual information.

Maybe you should learn the art of tact? You come across as very belligerent and condescending at times. Maybe you think you’re just being “colorful” but it comes across as being a tool.

  1. Don’t be a douche
  2. Don’t reply to your own ticket as they said that replying and asking for follow up would only move you back to the very last spot on their queue (ie. you are next in their queue, but then you made a response before anyone was able to take your ticket. Now you are on the 565th ticket)
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Still can’t help yourself.

Saying pretty please while in the same post criticising the staff?

Put yourself in a customer service operators shoes.

If someone spoke to you the way you’ve been doing, you’d hang up.

No because it’s my job to assist people however they talk to you. I don’t care I be PG hate me but not responding to tags or support is just plain stupid.

It certainly isn’t. Support personnel do not have to accept abusive and beligerent customers, and are certainly allowed to hang up on them, and if needed terminate their accounts. You should consider getting a forum ban as a significant warning, next step on that road is a game ban.

Absolutely. If someone calls my work and starts being abusive, they get a warning and if they continue the call is ended. Customer service are not there to take abuse


Well tell them to fix the game.
If everything was okay and they were helpful I wouldn’t be so negative about them.

I’d offer you a shovel but you seem to be doing so well at digging that hole with your bare hands.


It’s very EASY to type the words “fix the game”. It’s not very easy to actually make the game error free. We are all welcome to stop playing the game if it irritates us too much. I have considered it in the past and likely will consider it again at some point.

You certainly aren’t going to get your point even “heard” (read) if you are rude. Not sure why you think you would.

if you want to get a reply, don’t respond to your own ticket.

Let them answer it after your first message.

This is what will happen to you everytime.

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this one is under age, shouldn’t even be on the game, isn’t the recommended age 18 for WD? The entitlement of the younglings these days.

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My redneck father has a saying: “You can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.”

Plainly stated - if you need something from someone, it’s in your best interests to be nice to them, if only just out of the selfishness of trying to get what you want.

Be nice. Ask nicely. Be patient. You never know what else others are going through (or have on their plate). You will find that this helps in all facets of life: when you are nice to people, they are generally nicer to you in return. When people are nicer to you in general, it’s easier to maintain a positive mood/outlook. When you have a positive mood/outlook, it’s easier to be nice and patient. And so on. Even if you have to fake it at first, it will eventually become more natural.

  1. Ten characters.

My grammy used to say that and smack me when I’d ask “why would you want to catch a bee? They sting!”



I am pretty sure you were banned for your multitudinous violations of the forum rules. For someone who claims to be Christian, you do a terrible job of showing it. Your posts seem to be extremely self-centered, and show absolutely no respect for anybody who disagrees.


Gotta love simple, old fashioned logic :smile:

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I actually don’t hate you. At the end of the day, there are very few War Dragons players I even dislike (unless they’re cheaters). This is a job, and I try not to take that stuff home with me.

That said, you’ve violated the forum rules a number of times and posted enough abusive messages that I’ve had to silence your account. If you’d like to appeal that you can reach out via PM (silenced accounts can still PM) or via your ticket. Getting on an alt and posting here isn’t going to help with that.

It’s actually 13+.

Great use of multitudinous. Wish I could give out sigils for strong vocabulary usage.