PG can u wake up and stop trying to improve a gui when the game is broken?


i’m so tired of these idiotic glitches and bugs that we have to deal with while ur ex geek squad rejects try to give us new maps we don’t care about and we keep getting screwed in gameplay. we are in a war tonight…can’t see who the hell is online or not cuz ur online indicators are broken…don’t know if we are meeting 2 or 3 defenders…or even if anyone is online or not. we’ve had 3 successful five flame attacks that didn’t register with ur sorry servers but were still charged defenses for them. u r causing us to be in a position to possibly lose a war we should win. why don’t u all stop focusing on trying to please us with new stuff before u fix the crap that’s broken? ur just causing more bugs and glitches and we are getting sick of ur incompetence. back to basics please. fix what we have before u introduce more crap we don’t probably even want.

end rant. sometimes we i rue the day i ever downloaded this. coulda been so great…but…yeah. here we are.


I understand frustration at glitches, but here’s a few things:

  1. Always plan for 3 defenders. If you and your back up can’t take the base with defenders, you shouldn’t be hitting it.

  2. Wait a few minutes, maybe do a restart or something and it should show up. If not, you can put in a ticket.

  3. The online indicator has always been janky af. Just assume they’re online.

  4. Different teams work on different issues. I’m sure you want a neurologist to do your colonoscopy because they’re both doctors, right? :roll_eyes:

Little fun fact it’s a game, and once you treat it as such, life becomes a lot more enjoyable. :blush:


There is literally nothing productive in this OP. Check out the bugs topic going or be productive. Kaythanksbye.