PG can we get a little XP base help for non Atlas players?

I realize we are bottom feeders but can you give us a hand… We need an XP base to replace the 312.


I know we cannot get access to the Invader base but PG could fill a team with 50 Invader-type bases of different levels for us to use. This seems like a fair compromise.


Agreed. Develop a team with invader40 through invader300 bases or something.


Can we please make this happen? @PGJared @Arelyna @PGCoffee


I agree sounds like a fair compromise. Go a long way to reducing the bad feeling of missing out


That would be a great solution to xp but it would also help keep people in their teams. As xp bases disappear Atlas looks more enticing because of the invader bases. We in plat 1 and under who have played together for the last year are struggling,as people want to try something new. We are getting left behind because we are loyal and don’t want to break up a team. As more people get atlas xp bases aren’t needed so people are changing them to regular bases again. Help us out. Don’t make the divide bigger! Create a bridge for us. @PGEggToken


Can you increase the experience for the usual base? PG, please. :disappointed_relieved:


Xp is not an Atlas limited need and should be available to all players equally. Not only do the atlas players get good xp bases they get soooo much more xp. I know of several players that only have atlas for the invader bases. So potentially giving this style base to everyone could even help thin the crowd out in Atlas and help the lag. Just my thoughts


i don’t see that happen since invader is part of atlas and not outside seen a topic bout it earlier where they said it themselves

the 312 base does still exist btw

I agree with this 100%. Good suggestion

It does still exist but is empty but farms. He changed his name to say goodbye in Japanese.

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well its a alt

and there are plenty xp bases that still gives max i have over 6

This has been a debate in many thread, never got an answer from PG.

I also vouch for this. Good luck. :rose:

If this will be granted, i just wonder if it affects xpframloose team. :eyes:

They’ve literally already said no

This would be a nice solution. Atlas went down for a day or two last week, and is it was such a pain running the normal xp bases compared to invaders.

Was it direct or an inference? Thanks

It was pretty direct, I can’t recall where it was… but to paraphrase “we can’t take something that is a part of atlas, and give it out separately”


The suggestion being made here is something like the invader bases. Not necessarily giving the actual invaders bases.

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Pg said no to access the the atlas invader base but this poster is asking for a pg made xp base just like during an event. Pg are able to create a team and put them into bronze league. Surely it can’t be that difficult. I understand they can’t isolate parts of atlas and make them available as that does sound tricky. I doubt they will do it anyway but this gap between atlas and non atlas is growing daily now with no signs of any help for us over level 100 with no access to atlas.


Okay yeah maybe you have several that give max still but when you’re above 200, you need something to give max. The 312 gives about half your max at that level and the only other xp base is that 500 which you can’t take out as just a 200. Something needs to be changed.