PG can we please have another Skarr type divine warrior

Hi PG I’ve been playing WD for over a year, like the game seen so many changes some for the good some for the bad. Won’t say what, I’m sure you know the bad one’s when you read the posts.
I have noticed that the warrior divine seems to be getting worse. I feel sorry for the newer players as they missed out on Skarr and will never know the joy of the power that can come from a well balanced warrior.
So please make another type of Skarr that is a well balanced dragon that kicks ass. I have members in my team that love Skarr and feel disappointed that that they can never own him/her.
Make their dreams come true and give them their own Skarr that they can fly. Sage got close, but lacked the oomph imo.
I really hope this will become a possibility instead of the half arsed warriors you’re giving is at the moment.

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You mean like Zam that was out not too long ago?


Must have missed that one, but can not find it in my dragon rosta. Slightly confused.

There was Zamrok during the Fall season :grin:

While most people were fawning over a sorcerer, this beast of a warrior came out:


Doh was looking for dragon called Zam. Just done a forehead slap due to my stupidity.:grin:

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Is Zamrok capped at 83 million attack power?

Not if boost him :rofl:

Ooooooh that’s unboosted :eyes:
Was wondering why it was… I’m not gonna say so low because my Zamrok isn’t only at 700k power lol

He’s my perch dragon now. No runes, and that’s unboosted.

LOL. Man I’m so pissed at my self that I was lazy that season, only got him to Sapphire, regrets so many regrets

I agree Zam is a beast, especially since his wind shield blocks mage tower shots!


I know that it’s completely unrelated but was Necroth any good? I only had him at red tier lol

I never had him, but my close friend did. He was a very strong dragon when he came out, but of course nothing compared to these days.

Personally I thought he was a bit of a train wreck, but that’s me

Ahh gone are the days when Amarock was the strongest.

Yeah lol
He went up to platinum.
Haha I still remember thinking I was badass with him :joy:
And then came Sigurd. Can’t belive he’s still in some people’s top three today.
Oh no it was grumble after necroth?

Grumble was before? Cant remember but he did eat eggs, hated those dragons

Sending you an in game message if you don’t mind.

Me? sure doesn’t bother me