Pg can you change the resist on Huitzil Please


why not just have a new resist. tower resistance: 100% resist all attack tower and only vulnerable to farm and mill. That would work mythic than just elemental resist, he can still die with elemental resist


EDITED per @Lutrus’s reply (TYVM)

I’ll ask @lutrus to confirm, since i’m only about 98% sure, but both EF SS and FF death can be inverted. FF death can be dodged, not inverted. See Lutrus’s comment below (also, after looking at the damage type, I’m pretty sure I know why). It’s more a matter of timing than anything. If there is a IF around, your Invert may very well get silenced–that has caught me a few times.


“Mythic Damage resist – Dragon resists all damage passively for first 60 seconds of a battle.”
“Mythic Damage resist glyph – Increases duration by 25% and rage regen by 12.5%.”

I think that is reasonable.




Wait until they release Yellow Mage Tower, which disables all passive abilities within range…


Sadly no changes are gonna happen…


Only EF Ss can be inverted, ff death shot has to be shielded or dodged (with cloak flash shift vanish etc).


why 60 seconds? why not resist all damage passively until the dragon health lower than 5%



The eternal shield.


Hahaha :joy:


I mean counterplay is important. Make it so that the dragon can only be damaged by ballistas.


I like this idea.


And soon we’ll hear screams…
xxx Dragon is OP! :joy::joy::joy:


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