PG can you re-evaluate gold storage

I completely understand that as your level increases, so should the amount of storage in materials and gold. However the problem I am running into is that my max gold is about 2.5 mil, but to upgrade rusher its over 3 mil. I understand that if i farm all day, i can not get past the 2.5 mil, unless i spend diamonds.
Is it possible to implement something to where i can achieve that 3 mil upgrade without having to dive into my diamond vault? For example in the atlas season, the first prize is 500,000 gold, if I unlock that, can it be added on top of my 2.5 mil so i can get to 3 mil? And so on down the line.
Just trying to find other ideas vs using diamonds

Well I am not sure if the problem ist really the Gold storage…

I don´t know which level you are but maybe the whole thing is more a balance idea?

What I want to say is that during game progress you have to fullfill certain requirements in order to grow. Tower Levels depend on Builder, Dragons Level depend on Den (and storage capacity) …

So my question is rather if that is intended and preventing low-level players from flying through Atlas with maxed primarchs @PGDave ?

Why should low level players not be able to max primearchs? It is open world with no restrictions on attacks. On a side note it seems kind of silly to restrict gold storage and transfer based on account level.

There’s your answer…

Spend your diamonds. Then buy more. Make PG happy.

@Pyrosax I understand the balance thing, but then there is also the part where every 5 events there is a level your Primarch and Rider event. Once a low level player has his bronze Primarchs at 2, should he be unable to score in the event without spending diamonds? Riders need shards, and now that seems to have been choked off in the low tiers of event rewards too, so no diamonds, no event scoring.

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for the same reason I don´t want that a lvl84 comes flying over my base with Harbringer Dragons: BALANCE!

You want to train your Primarchs? Grow your base, grow your storage and you´ll have enough gold to train it. Everyone else did the same in this game…

Yet again I don´t want to judge thing and my point was adressed @PGDave as a question. Maybe I am wrong and it is NOT intended that player levels limit Atlas progress?!


In atlas i get hit by harbringers frequently. So you are saying I should also have a disadvantage in the primearch calculations as well as the absolute certainty of getting wiped.

no I am saying that players who have Harbringer Dragons fullfilled requirements! They gathered enough egg token to breed them and worked on their base for it to be big enough to hatch and feed those dragons.

Why should it be any different in Atlas?
If your primarch level would NOT match your base level the troop kill-ratio would be very off! Therefore I think it is logical that (just like in the normal game) there are limitations for growth. Fullfill them and level your prim and you will be happy and proud of your achievement!

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Yes in terms of balance, its definitely not right. You could be lvl 25, drop a couple hundred $$ and have a max Primarch, yet i cant grind for one past lvl 3 i think because of my storage limit for the next 50 lvls


and that is an issue imo! Where is the motivation in that?
My point is not to keep anyone small or in a disadvantage.
My point is that Atlas progress should somehow scale along with normal game progress… for EVERYONE no matter if lowlevel or highlevel.


Clarifying question, you are complaining that you can only farm 2.5mil or whatever gold a day? Or that the amount your personal storage can hold isn’t over 3 mil? Because you seem to be arguing both? The storage capacity increases with level just like other rss. You can stack the 500k season prize with your gold mine earnings. You can send to the bank to store if you have a castle, you can earn gold through rider missions. So if it’s not about earning and it is about the amount you can hold than why should it increase? You have to hit a certain storage level to hold enough wood to upgrade towers and feed dragons, why would it be changed just for primarchs?

Its about the max amount. Id be fine if it took a couple days or a week to mine the amount of gold to upgrade a primarch. What I am saying is that no matter what size your storage cap is, you can spend the diamonds to get the amount you need to upgrade.
This is not a “complaing” forum post too btw, I am just asking them to reevaluate the gold caps so people who dont spend money on the game can still grind for nice toys too

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This. As long as you don’t mind spending cash, you can level your Primarch up as high as you want, which makes the balance argument irrelevant. I am all for balance if it is applied equally, which in this case it is not.


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