Pg closing tickets without addressing them

The event went live and I started building , yet wasn’t warded the correct points when I paused … I sent a ticket in and they said there was a delay and refunded me pearls … pedals don’t make up for the lack of prizes /spent resources … I told them what I built and I should’ve had close to 4 mil points not 880k … they closed the ticket … opened another ticket and explained that I wanted my correct points and how they closed my ticket … at that point they closed that ticket … opened another ticket and they closed that ticket . Opened another ticket and they just keep closing it … clearly there’s no support from the support desk as I’m only asking for what is owed to me a “delay” in the system shouldn’t matter if they can look at what I built and add it all up … a delay is on them seeing as the event was live …10 levels of lumber mills would net me 2.3 mil points … 3 levels of howitzer and orrey would be about 1 mil points … 2 levels of builder but to get 155 towers unlocked would be pearls and wood … pus I used 450 12 hour timers … yet they give me some pearls back and not the correct prizes and basically tell me to shove it

I’d recommend DMing DragonPunch. He’s a reasonable guy.


Our support team generally closes tickets out after addressing a user’s question or concern. The only time a ticket gets closed without a response is usually if the user is being rude and toxic to our support team or if the conversation is no longer productive.

I’m going to close this thread out since this needs to be discussed privately… @DixcenCider Hit me up and send me your ticket number or the username you filed your ticket under. I can take another look.