PG Crisis Give more Control to Users!

PG needs to open up their creativity book and involve the community more specially when it comes down to making new towers, island layouts, spells, etc…

You guys have too much control for the amount of MONEY AND TIME Players spend on this game no runs removal for dragons like really!!!

Why is it that you think is the reason to people hacking the game and coming up cheats has become so popular it’s to have more of say in it in ways it’s like a sort of freedom from PG’s Shokehold on this game a little more changing up events would be GREAT as well as bringing back an old one :point_up:t3: (Example: the color tier dragon event) in which we could only use the dragon in that tier per level per section Red Tier - Red Dragons Purple Tier - Purple Dragons and so forth just thoughts I’ve had for a while sorry for the much needed venting not to mention you guys could use an intervention

All do respect of course!
Because I meant no disrespect!


While I think getting player input is important in creating a game that continues to be enjoyable, this seems ridiculous.

People cheat because they don’t have enough freedom in the game? No, they cheat because they want to win at all costs.

People spending money and time on this game is not a badge that should entitle them to some sort of extra powerful voice when making creative decisions.

Let’s not forget that when they did open up fan input on a dragon (Nydryr) the voted on spell sets were by and large derided as completely crap.

PG spends a ton of time and energy already listening to (and dealing with) the gripes and suggestions of the fan base. But in the end of the day it is their game, their product.


I see your reasons for your comment but that could be argued as well like saying that’s the sole reason why people generally speaking cheated! you can’t presume to know why unless that is you have the ability to read their minds and thoughts? It is their game their creation your right but what happens to a product that becomes dull?
It fades and when it fades it will no longer generate THEM!! THE COMPANY,MONEY why create a game For the people if the people WHO GENERATES THEIR REVENUE can’t have more of saying in it. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things, bringing back old ones or just changing the repetitive cycle.

PS cheating can have a whole variety of views and angles and I’m not saying their efforts go unnoticed does a good at most things it’s the reason we’re so addicted to this game @TheTXI

I can’t believe you’re going to try and sit there and offer up varying justifications for cheating and how that should somehow tie in with people getting a greater say in the game.

Cheaters cheat because they want to win/perform better over those who don’t. Unfair advantage. They aren’t doing it because golly gosh darn if only they had a greater voice on the creative team.

As I said, PG obviously needs and wants to take input from their player base to ensure the game continues to be something people want to stick with and spend on, but that doesn’t mean that you let the inmates run the asylum and that doesn’t mean that because of someone’s time or money in the game they are more entitled than someone else who has not been around or has spent as much.

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I’m not justifying anything because I myself don’t agree with cheating and I don’t cheat I work and grind hard for achievements what I’m saying is that might be a reason or might not be you don’t know that neither do I all I wanted input here is that we need and it be great to have more control over things that directly affects us if you can’t see that I can’t open your mind for you in order for you to see this

The world has one Sunset and one Sunrise BUT WANNY WAYS AND ANGLES TO BE SEEN THROUGHOUT

Literally no point of this thread lol it’s getting derailed. Might as well close it

We have the forums already to provide input to the staff. I’m not sure what else you are wanting here other than a seat at their conference table in San Francisco.

And your continued insistence to bring up cheating is complete nonsense. There is literally no “other reasons” for why people cheat other than to gain an unfair advantage. That is the very definition of what cheating is.

Please god.

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Fortunately we’re just seeing the beginnings of more involvement with CF, and allowing for feedback/discussion.
It may not involve you, but we are players after all and will care about the same things you do. Forward progress.

I’m not bring it up it’s the only thing you asfíxiated on cause my post wasn’t referencing cheating it’s called PG Crisis NOT CHEATERS IN WAR DRAGONS

@Kappatain thank you, you want a cookie :cookie: for your comment?

Yes! For starters, I have seen a few extremely detailed ideas @TheRedDelilah put out for making this game better, yet I never see PG staff even give them a nod on these forums.

Better for the players = more players + more spenders = more profitability.

Why at the very least hasn’t the Sapphire wall and Egg Token progression been addressed? There have been more than enough threads for these issues to be recognized as an unsastisfactory aspect to all players.

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