PG Customer Service - Their Own Worst Enemy and How to Fix It


The overwhelming majority of players have at one time or another experienced problems with the game in which it became necessary to submit a ticket to customer service. For many this is a dreaded experience as more often than not it requires significant work on a players part to get issues resolved regardless of how big the problem. Typically the exception to this is when the issue is so big that customer service is swamped with messages regarding the same issue.

By making it difficult to get PG to recognize that an issue occurred can be difficult. Issues that could have been quickly resolved such as the game crashing and players losing significant numbers of troops/soldiers get turned into a long drawn out process of customer service going out of their way to place blame.

By making resolution of issues difficult PG is in essence buying free negative PR. Disgruntled players aren’t going to recommend a game where the response to major issues is a negative experience regardless of what the issue encountered is. The point of a business is to turn a product and by alienating the customer by not making a situation right, especially when we are talking about intangible products, isn’t going to increase products. At some point a customer will decide that enough is enough and walk away. Most players have experienced the loss of team mates, not because of the game itself, but because of issues that can anywhere from days to weeks (a team mate lost a full set of gear she crafted and it took 4 weeks for PG to finally resolve the issue).

The bottom line is that if PG wants to keep their current players and attract new ones they should get in the habit of going the extra mile to make things right.


If they cared at all about CS, they wouldn’t contract it out to a company widely known for its incompetence and being terrible at providing customer support. It is a lazy and cheap way to avoid hiring qualified people to handle these issues in house.


Well…at least for players’ countries where English is the primary language they can at least write in English!

My previous employer (large corporation) hired a company (English, not their primary language) to perform that function. I wish I had 1 USD for everytime I had to ask them to put someone on the phone who could speak English clearly. It was so frustrating.


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