PG Dumpster Fire

Let’s be honest here, with the way Kingdom Wars was released (which is no surprise as all their new releases are always a dumpster fire), PG should cease all work on Atlas and leave it as is.

I have ZERO faith in the upcoming atlas changes. Even if these changes were 100% supported by the community (which it’s not) and even if it was to fix current glitches (which are at least allowing atlas up time of 98%), I think the smartest thing PG could do is scrap Land Shuffle, Atlas Siege Event, and New Atlas Map.

We all know how PG releases go. They always fail and several patches need releasing to make the game playable again.

Over the last year, each release and update has progressively gotten worse and culminated in the Kingdom Wars dumpster fire last night.

If PG wants to release something, great, but do it after months of internal testing and beta testing. It’s obviously they are rushing projects and not properly testing.

It’s just embarrassing. I don’t even want to invite new friends to play because I don’t know how much longer the game will survive.

This is getting out of hand.

Please, don’t kill atlas with another failed update. Please spare us another disaster.


community asked for changes to KW -eventhough they did hear but did the opposite of what we expected. As for atlas whole community or maybe its majority wants atlas to change radically .

how would u solve stagnation ?

I think with the Atlas update they’ll get it right :ok_hand:

My suggestion isn’t about an attempt to not approach fixing issues, but not to break the game.

If we’ve learned 1 thing over the years, it’s that PG is incapable of releasing anything without massive issues.

The bigger the change, the more massive the failure has been. Kingdom Wars is just the most recent dumpster fire in a long list of recent disasters.

They are inept at their jobs. Nothing released is ever smooth.

Do I think a new map max 2 deep a great fix? absolutely. is shuffle a great compromise between those who want a reset and those who want to keep what they have? yes. i’m not excited about ANOTHER currency, but i like the idea of no speed ups needed.

so this isn’t about my disagreement with the proposed ideas, it’s about the fact that there’s a 99% chance Atlas will be unplayable and riddled with more glitches than they can fix.

They need to scrap it so they can focus on their internal development procedures. It’s obvious from everything we’ve seen that there is a corporate failure.


Perhaps the majority want changes in atlas, although I’m not sure that is the case. However, even if it is, there seems to be a minority that want the changes pg has decided to make, such as all of a team’s castles clustered in one area. But much like KW, pG takes the initial need for change but none of the ideas the players give to how it should be changed. They decide this is what they are doing and players be damned. It takes an angry mob and threats of a boycott to change their path once their minds are made up. And I agree that this massive a change will create chaos. Even if there are no new glitches, which is highly unlikely, the massive lag this will create will only lead to incredible frustration. And the fact that they are rushing it through just makes it that much worse. As it is now, every time there is an update I have to make myself do it with crossed fingers that it won’t completely blow up.

right … it’s not about what people want or don’t want. it’s not about ignoring the current issues / problems with Atlas game play.

It’s about the fact that those three items are all being rushed into production. And they are all being released on the SAME day. The potential for there to be glitches isn’t my concern, but the potential for a repeat of KW type malfunction is.

Problems so deeply integrated into the update that there’s a catastrophic failure in the game and they have to shut down atlas.

Do we want them to just “shut down atlas” until it’s fixed? how long would that take?

i don’t want them messing with Atlas until PG guarantees a 100% flawless update (which they have never and can’t give us)

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It’s a bad broken game as it is. Change is risky when you have no testing and a yolo/ship at all costs mentality, but not changing is not-so-slow death. We had a few bad hours yesterday, it’s not the end of the world.

Where did you get that? My read is that shuffle and map are one item indivisible, and that sieges is a later project. How would you do a new map without moving people and why shuffle without a new map?

It’s all one proposal … and perhaps i am wrong, but entire proposal appeared to apply to the season following this mini season.

i will gladly edit / retract that if i misunderstood, but i am fairly confident it’s all going to be released together.

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Yes. Shuffle is a new map I’m pretty sure. So we will find out. They have 40 days to get there though

I really hope you’re right and i’m wrong

I’m not even going to take that bet :joy::joy::joy:

But at this point it’s still almost better than nothing I guess.

basing my understanding on the roadmap from the AMA thread (interpreted as a sequence). and comments like “the planned order is Map Shuffle > Crusades (which has been renamed to Sieges) > Shrines.”

and this:

The problem is…have they ever stuck to their roadmap? Ever?

So, let’s look at debacle number TWO in the same day:

An event that had ZERO change other than scaling of prize levels had to be pulled due to major glitches (though i was looking forward to 146k mystic fragments)

Every move they make is an embarrassment.


Aaannnnnd Debacle number 3 AND 4!

3: Troop Build

Here’s an event 100% untouched/ no changes and revive troops wouldn’t count for a score!

4: Breed event

  • Sigil / Rune Prizes incorrect
  • Members incorrectly marked ineligible
  • Team Achievements can’t be collected

The hole that PG has dug for itself is massive.

And then add insult to my injury, their apology gifts are lackluster at best.

Every step they make is just full of incompetence.


Crafting event is still going for 15 more hours.

I was referring to the previous Troop Event, not the one that starts tonight.

I have to agree I don’t have faith in Pg getting a event to run without glitches or trust them to probably compensate us on Tuesday for missed sigil in individual or unclaimed team prizes and most definitely dont trust to them to be competent enough to launch a massive update to atlas that doesn’t destroy everything in atlas when they launch it … I would highly recommend that you screenshot everything everytime you log out of game so incase they decide to “fix it” break it more like usual so you dont get screwed losing hard earned resources that you are saving for the ½ off warrior or for next season if you’ve already getting ready for September