PG&E can't be serious? PG HQ may lose electrcity

In the 2Nd fire people were trapped by roads

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I’d say they’ve had a whole lot longer than 2 years to fix their equipment. They have valued profits over improvements for a long time. I see PG&E as any other corporate entity who only looks to fatten their bank account with as minimal expense as possible. I’d bet to fix their infrastructure properly it could easily run into hundreds of millions if not billions of $$$. Until the government steps in to force the improvements they are going to continue to do whatever makes them richer.


Was that Katrina? We were without power 22 days after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The eye passed right over my house.

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No. The family got out for Katrina which was good because the 1 story house was underwater past the kitchen table. I had already moved away from the NO area thankfully.

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At the moment, it does look like SF is not part of the PG&E shutdowns. A significant part of the Bay Area will still be affected though.

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Can you clarify what that means for the people that do not live in the states please.

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So PG&E is the electrical company for California. They announced the other day that they would be shutting off power to a bunch of sections across the Bay Area because there is concern that there could be higher fire danger.

Here’s an article about it!

So as of right now PG is not expecting any interruption to game play? This could of course change, but as of now this is the understanding?



You can thank the politicians of California for not understanding how the power grid works and for holding PG&E financially liable for past wildfires.

I don’t blame PG&E for cutting power to areas with conditions that may cause interruptions in the grid that may lead to the grid trying to correct the fault, thus possibly resulting in sparks that might lead to wildfires, especially if they’re going to be held monetarily liable for any damages as a result of wildfires. I’d do the same if I was placed in the same position.

Our office doesn’t appear to be in danger of losing power at this time.

We’re in SF.

Yooooooo address those to me please.

I have a lot of opinions about PG&E which I won’t be sharing here…


I would have thought PG servers were located away from their offices. Had heard via the forum they leased from Google. Granted, cannot believe most of what you read on the internet, lol

PG&E has been around over 100 years. You would think with that history, and the money they get from its customers, it would have addressed this problem many years ago.

:see_no_evil: please look up how a power grid functions and what it does when there is a “fault”.

I’m sure it will take more than just PG&E to completely redesign and develop new technology for power grids. Ntm the enormous costs of completely replacing 100% of the grid…all at once.

I’ll be sending some decent made in China pans to @PGJared :eyes::nail_care:

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Yeah I’m pretty sure if the office didn’t have power our games would be fine. It’d just affect our productivity, which would be annoying because I got stuff to do.


Data Centers have back up power. Not for days, though. However, the news this morning said no additional outages were planned.

Yes they do have backup power. However, PG offices are likely not where their servers are. Office space is generally more expensive than server farms. Zenimax Onilne Studios, part of the largest private gaming company, has their offices in Bethesda, MA but have their 6 servers split between Texas and Germany. Their devs have not seen any of the servers since shortly after the game launched and this is fairly common. The space is generally rented. I have not worked with PG so I have no idea where their server is or how they do things.

PG uses cloud services for the game, so they should be unaffected.
(don’t recall if AWS, GCP or what)

Its Google. I dont think many were worried about the servers, but rather the employees with no power, Internet services, etc.