PG Employees - are you proud of yourselves?

I would be running away in shame the way your company (and by extension YOU) treat your customers.


:thinking: I would say that there are at least some devs who actually want to do good things, but their hands are tied from wanting to keep their jobs due to the greedier management making poor decisions.


While I love your optimism Sci, I cannot truly believe that anymore.


Yeah, that is the other thing. PG has had some fairly important-seeming job posts open since before the old forums were taken down. :see_no_evil: I could see some longer term people hanging on, though, to see if things will change, but the way it’s going so far isn’t particularly promising. Maybe there’s another funding round coming up.

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Or maybe they are getting ready to dump the game altogether since obviosly they coudnt give 2 shits about their loyal player base.

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Most of players feeling same and PG don’t care

2 for 2, Grumpy! Productive topics encouraged.