PG, fix this bugged game please!

Hello Folks and PG,

Can you please just make an update with bugfixes! Because this game gets buggier with each update.
A few examples…
Bug 1!
My friend cannot join me if I attack a base, until he flys first an attack to a base. If he do not attack a base before joining me, the game freezes in the loading screen of attack!
Bug 2!
Sometimes, if joining a battle and destroying the whole base, then the game freezes for the one who attacked the base and buildings are shown as not fully destroyed! And the one who attacked the base cannot take his 2nd dragon to destroy the buildings that of course were destroyed by me.
Bug 3!
Sometimes I attack a base and have no sounds from my abilities. Only the music is functioning, mostly when the island is almost destroyed then the sound comes back…
Bug 4!
If I attack a base, which is defended, then I must really quick use my abilities, and then it often happens, that the abilities do much less damage or NO damage!
This is basically a good game but buggy as hell, please bugfix this issues, there are much more people who have this problems!!!
It makes me really angry to see how you ignore this bugs and if not fixed in near future I will delete this game, and my money I will spend to another game not so fully bugged!
My hardware: iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iOS 13.2.
Any issues on iOS 12 also and on android devices, I already tested it.

Greetings xXTrajanXx

An update with bug fixes? :joy::joy::joy: You mean, introducing more bugs?:wink: As a standard support response, I can tell you that they are aware of the problem. Yes, “aware”, that does not mean they will fix it. Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe tomorrow, probably next month…
My suggestion: go to the Google Play store and look for great games!

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Dunno about these bugs but the cool down time in spells when attacking with defenders don’t correlate with the lag. Lost war attacks cuz of this one.

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I wonder how long before my post will be hidden? Usually it takes only 10 minutes, so consider yourself lucky if you can still read a post of me…:wink::joy::joy::grin:

Or you know, fix the game so Moto G6 players can play the game again :woman_shrugging:

Been over 3 months now… I think, loosing track of time.



I would really like to see the game bug free! Please tell the team to improve on existing bugs and features rather than adding new ones that are pretty much useless. I see a lot of wasted time in implementing features like this shuffle/the perch update.

Here is a simple list of things they can work on:

  1. Bug fix for Bookmark refreshing randomly, Selected base in bookmark is changed due to refresh.

  2. Manual bookmark sorting

  3. Disable training animation in divine dragons when they are unable to be trained further due to den cap/ dragon cap.

  4. Atlas lag and bugs!

  5. Dragon keeps flapping bug fix!

  6. Disable quest refresh time after last quest

  7. Random sync errors when claiming prizes/quest potions

  8. Removal of one bronze chest quests/impossible quests

Etc etc etc

TLDR: Improve existing features rather than adding new ones!

Can someone join m into a campaign of stop bitching and giving new ideas? I basically have a very boring tuesday cause some wanted atlas shuffle, then they decided the shuffle suck. Just leave the bloody game as it is. Cause no shit will be right for all. But at list we can play instead of staying bubbled for f ages

Hi, I a1m level 300 player my alt (ign MPJ) is 200, and I think someone’s been on my account, I was in atlas claiming some rewards and saw I was top 15 globally, i checked my inventory and saw 1k bullhorns and gold packs, I don’t want to message pg as am scared I’ll get locked out of the game or banned, cause from what they would see it might look like that( not sure though) I have put alot of time into this account and love and cherish it, any advice, any help would be appreciated as I don’t know what to do, ( my last score was about 200k idk)

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As for the bullhorns, it is possible to get that many if you are Atlas active and opened a bunch of Atlas chests.

What is your current personal score? The max is now 2.50mil and per the global rank you are sitting 1.7M so it is entirely possible for that screen to be legit.

If you really think that your account has been compromised, the best thing to do is to tell PG and ask for help to change your password and possibly email address for the account. You’ll have to go through some hoops to prove you own the account. Better to be up front rather than hope you don’t get banned and then possibly later have to battle if you do get banned.

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@moderators Can we please get this thread closed? Necro’d.

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