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Meaning your comment was not appropriate


Why? He’s cool with being a cowboy…


You are still calling him that? Let it go you’ve already beat it to death


Don’t comment on people’s appearance if they don’t want to be commented on, especially the employees of a game. Respect them.


The cowboy thing is a joke that I’m comfortable (though bored) with people making because it doesn’t actually comment on my appearance. Back when folks were making a bunch of fat jokes about me I shut it down because it wasn’t cool.

Commentary on appearance isn’t okay whether it’s negative or positive, because it boils someone down to what they look like as opposed to who they are. Also it can put us in a really weird spot where we’re supposed to be nice but if people are hitting on us (like the folks tossing marriage proposals at Crisis) it’s very hard to respond to that in a way that doesn’t seem like tacit approval or rudeness.

TL;DR version: don’t comment on someone’s appearance unless you know for a fact they’re okay with it.


It’s called BOUNDARIES folks. I think too many forget there are actual real-live humans behind these keyboards.


Calling someone a cowboy in the UK isn’t a comment on appearance.

It’s still not a compliment - It’s a dodgy workman, tradesperson, normally a builder, plumber, roofer etc who performs shoddy work at an inflated price.

edit: Just confirming that I’m not agreeing with the comment or insulting any staff member - just providing information.


This had nothing to do with the cowboy comments.


Perhaps a bit off topic question.
Why does Jared (and only Jared AFAIK) use generic Avatar?


Good question! It’s because we needed to create a new account for the PGJared forum account so y’all wouldn’t be trashing my main account (I have no idea why Arelyna lets y’all attack her). Once I created that account I locked it down and never opened it again. This means I never went far enough in the game to unlock other portraits.

I guess I could load up that account, add all the portraits, progress through the game more, select the portrait, and then update here; but that seems like a lot of work to change an icon.


This is a great post. One for my copy and paste to my team also via Line.
While I haven’t had a need for a question in the forum The info info here is sometimes invaluable.
Like this one.



Can you do that for me… load up my account and add all the portraits? Hahahahaahha just kidding, but if for any reason you feel that you can do that… I’m not kidding… . Hahahaahahahhah


Should we be surprised no one is responsible for software quality assurance?


i miss the one with rainbow hair,


I think think that you are confusing PG staff with ‘My Little Pony’


I think she meant Pixxel.


Deleted some off-topic posts. Please confine the discussion to forum roles.


Submit a ticket at:


Thanks @PGCrisis for sharing this link. would refrain from tagging multiple PG Staff now.