PG Forum Team Roles


Any chance you can add the team roles to this list on the FAQ so newer forum members know who to tag for their posts/questions.


Arelyna and Eggtoken and PG Jared - Public facing / public relations
Pixxel: PR/Communication and the Creators Faction
Dave - Engineer (in charge of Atlas)
Echo - Engineer in charge of high priority issues, live operations etc.
Campuslifer - security
Feds - Maps
Pulse - Dragons
Dragonpunch - engineer working on events (I think)

Not sure about Jalex

(This is what I gathered from previous posts and things they have responded to before, I’m sure PGJared could clarify a bit more / correct my incorrect assumptions)


Nope, sorry. PX team isn’t public relations at all. We have a PR team.

I’ll put together a coordinated list in another thread.


This is the list I made on the old forums with the help from PGJared:

PGJared = PX Manager (Focuses on everything support related)
EggToken = PX Employee (Announcements)
Dragon Punch = PX Employee (Announcements)
Pixxel = Community Manager (Announcements, Twitch streams)
Echo = Developer (Dragons, Spells, Riders, Bug fixes)
Voltolos = Developer (Events)
dragontamer = Developer (Leagues)
CampusLifer = Engineer (Focuses mostly on security stuff)
PGDave = Engineer (Focuses exclusively on Atlas)

Looking forward to the updated list :slight_smile:


any idea what PX means? I thought it was public relations or public experience but I’m obviously wrong


Player experience. Customer support, more or less. Plus they act as a bridge between the player base and the devs, elevating items of concern for dev attention, flag issues, etc.


haha so pr :joy:


Not public relations/marketing. PX is to the players.


Ah ok, I get it.


PR is a massively different discipline. We have a PR team here at PG and I definitely couldn’t do their jobs.


Yep thanks :slight_smile: Finally figured it out - sorry not involved in business / running businesses at all, so its all new to me.



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