PG game mechanics cost me event and quest rewards

Although support has acknowledge it isn’t perfect and are working towards a solution, the are not inclined to give me compensation by way of reward of what I’m missing out on.

Basically I’m ineligible due to someone leaving and the newest member joining all while both parties completing a portion of their quests before I did…at least that’s the way it’s been explained to me.

Prepare for a bunch of people to tell you either you or your team officers should have known of this spectacularly lazy feature and close the thread. It’s been discussed here before but with pg showing no sign of fixing it, the mode is victim blaming. Sorry. This is war dragons.

Edit: it’s really not supports fault, i think they’re not set up to deal with as many issues as the game has and the company tends to prefer not compensating or compensating very conservatively. As a lazy person myself i get it, the more things they compensate people for the more requests they’ll have and even manipulation.


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I am sorry that you have been a victim of this, but that’s how it has been for more than a year now.

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