PG greediness getting more apparent

Wow this goes to show everyone how GREEDY pg truly is a $50 pack that’s does not even cover the cost of 1 tower level. If PG thinks I’m gonna buy this pack then they are sorely mistaken. Please feed that back to those who sneed to know @Arelyna @PGChocolate


Hey at least its 66% off…


It’s insulting to the playerbase but also a shame that people actually buy these packs not knowing how poor they are.


To be fair it does seem discounted when you compare it to this:


1 Ember = 8 rubies.
20k rubies = $99.99 (base rate)

Between 80 to 85 using packs it costs over $500 to level a flak. This reduces that cost somewhat.

But, until players stop spending, or at least a meaningful number of players stop spending, PG will do nothing to address the skewed values in this game, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T HAVE TO.

If you want to see a reduction in prices, stop buying altogether - not just the worst value packs, but anything.


I’ve been saying PGreedy has gotten out of control with their prices for years and that we need to stop spending only to be laughed at and told there would be no game without spenders.
Maybe. Just maybe pricing would be more reasonable if I was taken seriously at the time.


I think folks need to let that sink in. Read it again. Then again and for a 3rd time. Make a resolution NOT to buy this garbage and the others. I agree. Stop spending across the board.

What in the world do folks think is going to happen when Abysmal tier is released? Costs will somehow go DOWN? Nope. I don’t care if $500 is “throw away” cash for the whales. Stop enabling bad behavior.


I agree…I’m not a big spender as a rule, but I’m feeling ripped off by this game at even my lowly lev 63. And now, chests arent dropping at all but every 4th or 5th raid, and what does drop is nothing I need for this event. They wonder why ppl quit their game? This and the constant glitches are it, along with the high cost.
So yeah…if players all stopped spending for 30 days, things would change.

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Excuse me sir, Do you happen to have $32,300 dollars I can have for my video game? Thank you sir. Thank you! Mere pocket change.

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Hello. I’m with the “Get Hwrd into Dread Action Committee” We are taking donations to get Howard’s WD account up to spec so he can join the number 1 team.

If you happen to have a spare, $20,000 dollars we would appreciate your donation and in return we are donating back customized cat memes for each patron.

This is not an offer, solicitation, or advertisement. No customized cat memes will be produced or traded.

So do what I do. Don’t buy it.

If they start offering packs that are worth the money, I will start buying them. Until then, my wallet is closed.


Oh, don’t forget, that’s just for the timers, not the embers, pearls, shards, or the massive cost in breeding tokens that it’d take to get enough eggs to do that.

I ran the numbers at one point for what it’d cost if you went rubies -> breeding tokens (instead of farming tokens, just buying them), and came out with something in the realm of $60,000 for that.

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1 pack is R$314, minimum wage R$958, 3 packs… And yet we are lucky that Play Store doesn’t uses the current exchange rate but a fixed one.
Caro pra caralho

-edit: the fixed rate is lower that the running one

To play devils advocate, breeding tokens doesn’t really belong in the same conversation as this thread. At all.

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I think you missed the point? I used Fort Planner to show what it would cost to power level just in timers alone. Her point is that my estimates are insufficient because the limiting factor wouldn’t be just timers, but tokens, embers, etc. The actual cost is somewhere around double that.

You could could go get a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R OR play this game…


If you wanted to do it tomorrow, yeah. But tokens are no where NEAR the cost expense of timers and embers, especially over time in any meaningful way. I’m not arguing against that it’s too expensive to get to endgame, I’m saying tokens are no where on the same level as the other components.

As you pointed out, tokens are usually a less meaningful limiter, because they can be farmed over time more effectively than timers. Of course, players generally collect their timers over time, too, rather than outright spending tens of thousands of dollars to jump hundreds of levels at once. As in Hwrd’s examples, we were looking at the estimated cost to outright purchase an immediate jump from point A to point B.

To level in that fashion requires consideration of the cost of all the elements (including things like tokens and embers), since they would need to be acquired all at once rather than collected over the course of season after season of boosted egg missions.

So for the average player, yes, I would agree, tokens are not in the same expense cost as timers, as timers are not realistically farmable (sure, there are things like farming chests, but they aren’t on the same plane as running egg missions).

For a player who wants to power level in the fashion suggested above, however (e.g. jumping from a level 48 base to a level 504 base of level 85 towers purely through a cash purchase), every component is dependent on direct spending. Including acquisition of things like tokens. Making them a significant contribution to the estimated cost of the action.

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My assumption was that the spending would be done via gold chests, since this is the only way to get premium items. You would pretty comfortably get the tokens/mystics you need fat sooner than the other premium currencies.

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