PG Handling of Banned Accounts


@PGJared First I and our team abhors cheaters, we make that clear in interviews and if we ever catch one we’ll kick that player ourselves and notify PG. I personally have brought bases to PG’s attention when I’ve seen something fishy (like stacked towers, etc.).

However, PG ‘s practice of zeroing out the account, wiping the base AND kicking the player off the team without notice to that team’s Leader is not just.

I propose PG stop this practice. Zero out the culprit’s metals, wipe the base, but leave it on the team’s roster with an email sent to that team’s Leader notifying him or her that they have 24hrs to kick the player off their team and replace them, after which it will be done automatically.

Fortunately an Officer on another team in our league was of the character to send me an email letting me know we were down a player, and did not declare war on us instead.

I don’t know when the player was banned, saw no message in TC that he was removed. I’m seeing red presently, we could have had a multitude of wars declared on us.

Please review your current practice and consider what I have suggested, even 12 hrs notice, some time to manage the situation.

Thank you for your consideration.


Had similar suggestion. Even simpler - ban the player without removing from clan. Was ignored.

It’s players’ problem, and it will require extra work for PG, so likely will not be done.


There’s a counter argument that I’ve heard from a bunch of players that it’s super unfair that the team in question had been benefiting from having a cheater on their team so far in the past.

I’ve heard arguments that a team who’s had a cheater on it should be penalized even more than now. e.g., I’ve seen a thread where people mostly felt that if a team repeatedly has cheaters on it, their team should be disbanded.


I agree that the entire team shouldn’t suffer because of 1 person who doesn’t care. Especially in sapphire and above where as soon as you lose a player and dont replace him in seconds you get gangbanged by the entire league

I do believe if more than 1 cheater found on a certain team, the entire team should be screened for suspicious activity

Still, they deserve the benefit of a doubt


Disagree. Cheaters may have used the backdoors before they join a guild. It’s a personal punishment. Other players are suffering now anyway, because of dropped rating due to immediate wars declaration.
No need to make it even worse.


There’s a distinction between a team where the leadership encouraged, or perhaps just turns a blind eye, to cheating, and a team where a single new member was cheating unbeknownst to the entire rest of the team.

Especially in Saph and higher leagues, where having less than 50 players at any time can be devastating, banning one player that not only cheated but lied about their cheating to the team officers (and thereby punishing 49 non-cheating players) seems unfair. Leaving that player on the team as level one and emailing the leader of the team so they can find a replacement seems like a reasonable compromise. (At least until the structure of wars is changed in such a way that having a 49 player team isn’t a death sentence)


It is really a two sided question, had a team known and benefited using a cheater or it was a surprise for them?

I would say that the chanses that Leader and officers were aware about the problem is generally about 70-80%. But some are really a surprise, I remember people who were really persuading, and I honestly believed they were spending like 500-1000 dollars a month… What a disappointment it was when they were banned and afterwards admitted that they were cheating. Yes, we got a lot of wars and dropped down, but I never blamed PG for this, the blame is 100% on those people who were lying to their teammates. They new that sooner or later this would happen and the team would suffer, but still done this. I can say only thanks to PG for clearing out those lies.

And do not forget, that with the help of a cheating player this team had definatly benefited in several wars(some cheating accounts despite numerous reports live for more then a year) so several wars and a small drop in ratings is really not a big punishment for a team. Just get an honest member and fight for your honest place. But sadly some teams know what they are doing and are using cheaters as a common weapon and consider it OK, thats what disappoints me :cry:


The idea of the post is simple - punish cheaters only, not others. Past is past.


Nope! If the whole team was benefiting from cheaters why taking care of them?
In most cases they gained more then lost. So its at least ok as it is now.


What if the cheater was using bug before joining the guild? What if there were no benefit - stuff was created, but not used? How you will estimate the benefit?


Its the same question backwards. What if they used it and gained benefits, who would measure and decide? What time and efforts would it take?
PGCL already told in other topic that he has loads of things to do, and I would say that it is more reasonable and fair to leave it as it is since it is still a light version of how it should be handled in the best way.
Loosing several wars is not that bad as a disbanded Guild you know.


Yes I remember this thread, most players actually agreed that it was dumb to penalize a team unless there is prove they knowingly recruited a hacker. I’m unsure why you are bringing such a dumb point when there are no in-game tools to actually know if someone is hacking.


This player was only with our team about a week, from what I understand from reading LC at the time VirtualKhaos had a bunch of wars declared on them due to being down some players. It’s Leader, kicked all the players off the team and dissolved the team. It’s surprised players logged on in shock to find themselves without a team. We didn’t approach any for awhile waiting to see how things were panning out. We then made a few approaches, we have 2 other of his teammates on our team and we’re watching them closely.

I’ve been with this team since Dec 2016 and since that time we had one player (other than this recent incident) that got banned and he was screaming bloody murder in our LINE chat that he hadn’t cheated and PG would not interact with him with an explanation. From communicating with this person via PM, etc. he didn’t seem the type and I still have reservations whether PG is being fair. They hide behind all this secrecy refusing to tell the players specifically what was done. If PG is doing its due diligence and has documented proof, then it should be made public. We aren’t asking for the person’s true name, just the player’s game ID and why they were banned.

Tell me how we are supposed to guess a player is cheating? I’ve pointed bases to PG that within a few days of increasing max tower levels all islands’ towers are maxed. I’ve seen not only this but the same player appears to have maxed Obsidian dragons as well, and only 5-8M metals. I used to be medium level spender, last year I could have bought a small new car for what I spent so at l know about what it costs to get 6 islands to level 45 and all event drags and breed quickly. Assuming the individuals are spending still, they’ve got a Mercedes Benz in those bases. So, if players are spending huge amounts of money to achieve their goals how do you expect a team to know about them cheating?:thinking:

It’s hard to stay civil when one reads these kinds of rationalizations. If we are expected to police our team then provide the team Leader a weekly summary on what each team member spends as that is the only way we’d be able to see something is amiss.

Else, give the team the benefit of the doubt, handle the cheaters appropriately, give the team the chance to protect itself or at least have the notification in TC that the player has been removed from the team and creat a forum page or announcement with a wall of shame that gives the players’ player name, and brief declaration of the infraction.


@pgCampusLifer … a middleway would be to kick the player immediatly and write a line in teamchat, same as when a player leaves the team or is kicked.


how about this…
i assume every team in a league where having a 50/50 is a must, has some sort of waiting list of players requesting to join even when the team is full

why don’t you make it an option to auto accept the next person in line if the existing player gets banned (i would even take it a step further and apply the auto accept on cases when a player leaves on his own

give the leaders/officers an option to change the queue, so if they don’t want to accept someone they don’t know, they can always have an alt account queue in line just for such emergencies


We have line chat. When we lose 1, line lights up with notifications within minutes. Its annoying but not really an issue.


I’m generally opposed to any allowance for teams that have benefited from cheaters, but something along the lines of what @Sandberg suggested above is ok.

We all know there are teams with multiple cheaters on them, they get several players banned at a time which is indicative of cheating methods being distributed throughout the team. Those teams should be given harsh punishments. I’m slightly sympathetic to a team that loses 1 person to cheating, but when 5 at once get disabled in an anti-cheat initiative, the team should be disbanded.


A team admits a player for his abilities. This means that they are allowing a cheater into their family knowingly or unknowingly. If the player is banned and automatically kicked from the team resulting in a lost war then shame on the leadership for letting in the lies. This loss in war is not terrible though. Say you get 15 wars called on you in S1 because a teammate was booted from your team for cheating. What happens next? You find a new member. It’s on the leadership of teams to find members who will be able to uplift their share in the team. In my opinion, a cheater is just a bump in the road that can easily be fixed with an alt account.

We live and we learn. I have no doubt their are cheaters in D1 through Sapphire who are sporting max everything without paying a dime. They are of no importance to me unless they affect my team and yes that sucks… I will play this game the way i see fit, hours of grinding or lazy check-ins. We have all thought of having top tier content, sadly somedays Icarus flies to close to the sun…


Let reverse the entire premise of this post:

  • Let’s say you’re fighting a war against another team.
  • That other team has someone on their team who has been cheating.
  • PG realizes that the player is a cheater.
  • Now that PG knows, should PG really force you to try to battle this cheater during this war? Should you have to fight his base, which was probably created through cheating? Should you have to defend against him?
  • How much effort should PG and your team put into giving nice experience on this day of war for this other team containing a cheater?

Putting 3 account under investigation in less than a min

This is an excellent point. This exact situation happened to us when we were a Sapphire team. The other team who declared on us had an obvious cheater with a max base. We reported. 12 hours later, he was banned for cheating. He had already attacked and we had 5 flamed him but had to use a bunch of decoys to do it. We lost the war on defense points. PG refused to alter the outcome of the war. Making sure this team didn’t suffer the consequences of harboring this cheater wasn’t exactly high on my priority list.