PG have a timer tree every season for high lvl players

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The timer tree last season helped alot of players once you are in the mid 40s of towers they do consume alot of timers @PGLawson can you tell the team alot of us players would like that again


Mid 40s actually have the highest discount of all so they take less timers than almost every other level…

I’m in the area where I need over 1000 days for 7 levels, so I wouldn’t mind extra timers. But the timer branch last time was specifically to introduce timer missions so I don’t really expect a return this season.

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I’m fine with egg tokens I haven’t claim one timer mission since it has came out because of atlas prizes I get timers there I don’t want to fault myself on breeding event because I did timer missions

I disagree. Game expansion is too fast as it is.


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