PG is stealing from my team now!

A few days ago our one of our castles was had all its infrastructure reverted to level 1. At first we just just thought it was a glitch. So we opened a ticket to get it resolved and move on, sucks but beta even though it was hurting us during the event(feeding).

The reply we got said “the infrastructure levels on a number of your team’s castles were obtained through ill gotten means and have been adjusted back down to their levels prior to these actions”

I’ll start by saying yes, we did have 2 people recently banned, 1 was because his account was hacked so it was locked out pending investigation, the other because it was a purchased account. NEITHER was because they were hacking their account for an artificial advantage.

But that is besides the point, the infrastructure from levels 2-6(bank and HQ, the remaining infrastructure was assorted below level 6) was done by ME PERSONALLY, MY TIMERS, MY MONEY. I have spent thousands on this game and have EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT TO PROVE IT. So for PG to say that these castles were gotten through “ill gotten means” they’re directly accusing me of cheating, but I have the proof to back up my position in the game!

The remaining levels of the Bank and HQ 7-12 were done collaboratively through the team. But no one contributed more than 3 days at a time, and the players in question that were banned, 1 of them was in a different time zone when the upgrades were taking place and thus never contributed. The other was a free to play who only contributed a few times, a few 12h timers at most. But again his account was banned because it got hacked, not because it was hacking.

We’ve sent in numerous tickets to PG asking for this to be rectified, their answer has been a continuous drone response of “its already done, can’t reverse it”, “the castles were gotten through ill gotten means” etc.


You don’t want Jared on this one, you want @PGDave or @pgEcho on the case.
Good Luck!

thought they were just devs not player relations and support matters, thank you

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Well your team members were complaining in league chat and multiple times stated that no one has ever been banned in your team so you should maybe make that clear to them. Also you keep mentioning timers contribution but gold contribution also counts.

This is something you cant prove and just have to take his word for it so I don’t know why you are stating it with absolute certainty.

Having that said I do agree that if PG goes as far as to completely rollback your castle which is a team effort, they should at least share the logs that got you the rollback.

We also have the issue of resetting the infrastructure on one of our castle.
Sent a ticket (#1199365), 5 days ago (weekend between). Got the ticket closed this morning with the answer that the dev team is aware and looking into it.

Funny note. I did also expect that we had a cheater on the team, but we haven’t lost a player. So the rollback was, at least to my understanding, not caused by a ban. And even if so, I would appreciate that support/dev would tell me …

I agree, it should be informed. If only two players are banned , are such drastic measures required ? ( Unless the team abused it )

I think that measures have to been taken. Cheating is cheating and there’s no excuse.
The sad thing is, that we (players) need to monitor our self’s. This is not a healthy and fun environment …

Well said, PG is making actions which now necessitate teams to self police when we don’t have the ability to actually do that except in the most obvious cases. We can’t see purchase history, or a log of gems used and such like PG can… Atlas is bad for this since the teams whole effort (and time and money) go into it. It sucks that PG penalizes a team if 1 person hacks without the teams knowledge. I get it that they are trying to make it so hackers dont benefit the teams they are in but catching cheaters is PG’s responsibility NOT the players. Too bad they suck at it because it is ruining the game.

It seems (and correct me if i am wrong) that if PG finds a hacker and determines he/she helped build an island, PG will reset that island. SOOO lazy. find out exactly how much that hacker attributed and back out that amount. I am not against PG removing their contributions but dont negate other peoples contributions in the process.


Rightly said. But then cheating can be blatant cheating or smart cheating. Blatant cheaters are easy to catch, but smart aren’t.
But from server side, both can be caught equally easily.
So while we can still monitor our teammates, the real work can only be done by PG.
To what extent they want to catch is their decision only and how much ever we bark, it won’t change.

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Paid for entirely through taxes, and i guess left over gold from runs after making/reviving troops.

yea not like the reason really matters because the main point is that, he didn’t contribute much, i could understand them rolling the hq and bank back a level to rectify it, but 33 infrastructure levels, thats way too far. Especially since i paid for 21 of those infrastructure levels myself.

we were all shocked they got banned, one was a mid leveled guy, who just did his thing, he was approaching 200 and still in sapphire. The other never overly contributed to the team, he just did his thing because he couldn’t speak English well, and it was an alt account.

granted but I didn’t cheat, i have receipts for everything i ever purchased and i purchased this infrastructure largely myself. The amount contributed by those players in minuscule in comparison to what I put in, and a drop in the bucket amongst the team contributions.

that would have been fine, we would have seen it and been like “oh well” moved on and leveled the infrastructure to compensate, but this is too much.


100% right on the money.


Don’t get me wrong @Recramorcen. I never (or at least didn’t want to) said that you/your team was cheating!

Just wanted to point out that I would take the punishment, even if a teammate (of mine) was cheating, without me knowing it.
We have a zero tolerance rule in our team and we did kick players in the past (luckily, before they got caught). But at the current state of the game it is just annoying (at least), that we have to monitor our members. And it is hard to build a environment of trust within the clan.

But again, totally on your side in this particular case. I’m sure you have more then enough evidences to proof that you have build a certain level all of your own …

I get it from your main post :see_no_evil:
I was stating generic statement.

For what it’s worth the new diamond currency should make gold cheating extremely rare going forward.

No clue how they chose castles to roll back, but I don’t think it was as specific as you might think. I suspect they measured cheated infrastrcutrue gold across a team and then based on that rolled back castles (not necessarily the ones that cheated gold was spend on)

I suspect a support ticket is probably the best appeal on this still. (And Jared would still be in the escalation path)

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