Pg, is there anyway u could take all the sigil i put in coatl including the prizes if u wanna take em off so i can put my sigil into something else?

Please i kno its not allowed but just one time please, i really need to max this rider

  1. I don’t think so
  2. There is still enough time to max the rider (one more discount week, about 8 other weeks)

Yeah i hope so, i just dont like coatl at all,and this new rider is atleast useful just wish i didnt spend not 1 sigil on coatl

Last summer, I claimed 1500 sigils worth of prizes on Zamrok’s line…

I asked PG to remove it and transfer the claimed prizes to the other dragon (Kinnarus)

They will not do it because:

  1. It will be unfair to other players like myself who got rejected in the past.
  2. A lot of unnecessary work is involved such as tracing prizes that you might have already spent and reverting all the progress you made by using the prizes.
  3. As @OrcaFrost mentioned, you still have a lot of time to get the rider. You played coatl and wasn’t pleased by him/her. It will be unfair to other players because you can “test play,” the dragon while others cannot.

Maybe you will learn to enjoy coatl later :man_shrugging:. If you claimed coatl during the first 2 weeks of the season, you got cheap prizes! :smiley:

In my case, I don’t regret missing out on Kinnarus now because for boring PvP events I have Equestor to autopilot and Kinnarus sucks :joy::joy:

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No way PG is going to do this. Sets a precedent allowing everyone who doesn’t like their choices in the game to request a “do over”.

My advice, don’t jump into using sigils at the first chance you get. Wait a bit and see what opens up. Check the forms to see what others are saying before using sigils.


I used to have Kinarrus as my top dragon. Now she’s retired since I didn’t get her green stone. Atleast my Equestor will there to help me

PG, I built all these useless towers when I didn’t know how to build a proper base. Can you please refund all the timers and wood I used? Just this one time pleeeeease. I won’t tell anyone else you did it :grimacing:


I like Coatl. Maybe you just need to get him to a higher level.

I enjoy Coatl as an xp base backer quite a lot. I’ve been helping my team’s Lv300+ run their invader for baby dragons with my unboosted Garnet Coatl. I think you’ll learn to enjoy her too. Just gotta kill those B.M. quick.

Edit: for reference, I am Lv178 with second Garnet in lineage.

You take that back! :triumph:

Kinarrus has Dodo … the most wonderful summoned dragon in existence. :star_struck:


You sir, I can agree with on that. Kinarrus is one OP sorcerer. She literally wrecks bases. She isn’t as OP as before but she’s still a very good dragon

And every Kinn driver MUST quake EVERY Red mage on EVERY Base they attack, just saying… :rofl:


I’m fairly sure that’s on the test to get their Kinnarus licence.


I’ve been guilty of that crime before :laughing:Mostly because I was hoping Kinnarus’ minion would kill the red mage faster than it actually did :sweat_smile:


FTFY :wink:


THAT drove me insane seeing even 250+ level players just spam EQ. every. single. time. You can see the red haze of the RM well in advance :man_facepalming:


Sometimes you just cast it too quickly then you realize you’ve got to use it in order to be able to attack towers. Feels bad, but if you use Kinnarus, who hasn’t done that before?

So tempted to come by with my super Kin :smirk:

Sorry, no.


You said it. I’m sorry but i have to.