PG Jare regarding Mojo ban

Ban topic…Mojo is the leader of my clan…he has recently stated he got banned for a inconclusive reason…more along the lines of a broad reasoning…he has sent you his case and has told us if the case sticks then he will quit…I just pasted his account lvl in question as I spend $$$. He is 10x more active then me…if his ban exceeds his quit date…I’m done as well…it will save me around $1,000 a month anyway…I expect his account to be active shortly or mine will he posted for sale…thanks for your time.

Have you read the 4.80 bug thread ? When was he banned?
It was stated that some people were falsely banned & if he really did nothing wrong he will be unbanned and compensated.
Edit: i dont think its a good idea to threat that you will sell your account


Selling accounts is against the ToS so if you say you’re going to do it you will be setting up the poor fool who buys it for a ban lol.


when all fraudulent accounts in the game will be banned

Thank you Bar for trying to help.
Yes Andy i got ban during the 4.80 bug thread. And i think having 675k rubies is the reason im part of the ban wave. I got those from 2 hard years of playing. Im a true gamer and a passionate one.
My case is being reviewed by PG and i trust they will make the right thing and unban me. Its frustrating not to be able to play and lose progress but i understand that it takes time and i need to be patient.
That said i cant help feeling persecuted since each season i get suspended for no reason … its killing my progress
@PG Jared i do not wish to go public with this. I trust u will do the right thing. My ticket id is #1404759. PG Crisis is already on it. Please give me updates.
U can close the Topic

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History shows that telling them you spend lots of money always leads to a fair and expedited result.

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You have to deal with this each season? That’s rough. How long did it take for your account to be restored?
Sadly, the auto ban hit me too, and I am patiently waiting to hear back from Support and PG Jared…

Please see this. If you have further comments, either have your friend do it via their support ticket or in the linked thread here.