Pg just stop events stale

Please come out with new event’s theses same ones are getting really old u really need a few more in rotation


I do agree, things have gotten pretty stale. I love Fort and Breeding but you finish them quickly. Even if you are chain breeding, there’s a lot of down time during breeding. We need Assault back to help break up the stagnation during minor events. I cant even imagine how boring things are for people who dont have atlas.

Temple Raid is fun but the other events are pretty boring. FP you’re usually waiting for the end of the round, Gauntlet you’re waiting for the island cooldowns to end and KW you’re trying not to bash your head into a wall. It’s well past time to introduce something new and to update the events that we have (and to shoot KW in the head and burn the remains)

I’d really like to see another event that utilized dragons of different tiers. I enjoy getting use out of old dragons instead of just flying the same ones over and over again. It also helps to retain some of the value of the work we put into those past dragons.


We agree we need new events and while we’re still in the initial planning stages for most of our ideas, this is something we’re actively working on.


Is there any chance of bringing Assault back on a regular basis?

It was far and away the most popular - and best balanced - event.


Please we really need something different doing the same events day in and out with nothing new is getting tiring and honestly i really don’t want to do any of them the atlas events our riders maxed prims pretty much maxed yet the events still every other week so once maxed on all then what we lose out on events? Pls bring more actual content besides drags

Going to post yours a a solution so folks can see

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@Lachrymae Seriously, can we please have Assault back? We’ve been asking for it back for almost 3 seasons now. We get you all think the prizes were too good but come on, this is something that most of your players want and it would help pump some interest back into the game. The one actual event that rewards skill and effort over just simply spending your way to the top was really enjoyable. It also created a lot of communication within the game as players talked about and shared strategies to beating certain bases. It was easily the most fun this game has had in a while. Yall made a big production out of the 2 event weeks like they were going to happen frequently and it happened once and only once.


What was wrong with King of the Hill and Tug of War. At least you could battle every team and not just the 1 or 2 that neighbor you in KW. I agree, shoot that one, burn the body, and scatter the ashes over HQ!

Initial planning stagings…? That’s disappointing. In today’s market changes need to be made at the “speed of relevance” or customers will move on to other things.


Yeah, I have to agree. That sounds like we wouldnt see anything new until Summer or even Fall. That’s a long time to expect players to put up with a game that is becoming more and more stagnant, with constantly mediocre dragons, very over priced breeding tiers and an extremely toxic atlas environment with basically nothing new to do. Frankly that sounds like they’re waiting for players to get bored and leave.

The last new event I believe was Temple Raid, that was back in August 2018. Since then all we’ve had was Assault which people loved and we never saw again, and we had Dungeons which was ok but not particularly exciting and caused a lot of glitches. That’s going on 2 years of nothing new.


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