[PG] Kingdom Wars Scoring Issue Update

Hi Dragon Lords,

Update on the current team scoring issue with Kingdom Wars. Shortly after the battle phase started yesterday, we noticed an issue on the servers that led to inflated scores. We addressed one of the underlying issues yesterday and just rolled out the second fix today.

We are changing the way the server calculates a team’s score by taking a snapshot of the current territory and cities owned every 5 minutes. This means scores will get updated every 5 minutes.

In addition to changing the server calculation we are also going to 10x all victory point gains for the rest of the event. This is to mitigate the inflated scores that are already in game without having to reset the entire leaderboard. We chose 10x because currently the highest inflated score is 5x what it should be normally. This change should allow teams to catch up while not completely removing progress gained from the first day.

We apologize for the issues and we hope the scoring will be more in line with the correct values for the rest of the weekend.


It doesn’t seem like the underlying issue was addressed fully yesterday as scores were still incorrect as of 2 hours ago when I sent Galileo a PM. There are teams that are near the top of the leaderboard with minimum tiles and teams near the bottom with tons of tiles.


Only issue with this is teams were able to chill and relax and benefit from the glitch while other teams were going all out. Now those chillin teams can pick up the pace to maintain their lead. While the teams that tried hard the whole time get no added benefit in that case

Granted if that team/s remain/s in a chill state then yea, it’s not such a bad way to balance the event


Take out the team ranking points from league prizes. That is the major stumbling block to all of this, the other prizes are secondary imo and your fix is good enough for that.


I think this would suffice for this event

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It’s not good enough, if teams are still getting the incorrect amount of points multiplying everyone’s points by 10x will only make the wrong scores 10x worse. I find this proposal unacceptable.

There is still a team ranked 6th with 31k points and 8 tiles with no monuments. My team has 25 tiles and a minor and have 22k points.

If they are still getting the wrong base amount of VP/Hour it’s impossible to catch them.

This event needs to show score and VP/hour for everyone so we can know what’s going on.


Absolutely agree.

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I don’t disagree but PG likely won’t be working through the weekend, so they would need to do the least invasive fix, if it’s something they can fix at all this event.

Can’t blame them for not wanting to do anything too drastic.

Perhaps it’s something they can test and fix for next event

They should of had everything tested and fixed after the debacle last time they tried running this event. They didn’t listen to the community and pushed it out anyway. And yep it’s closing time in Cali so they are running out the door.

We fixed the base gain amounts earlier today. So the 10x will apply to the correct VP per hour values not the old values

Should have yes, but all they can do is work in the present. They can’t go back in time. The errors aren’t acceptable but seeing as it’s the last event of the season and team rewards are nominal. Potentially Breaking the game over fixing ranking position just isn’t worth it at this point.

I do think they should absolutely remove team ranking points from the team prizes

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The points are still not right.
We have held 2 minors and lots of ground the whole even…with tiles that have all 16 cities.
We are still behind teams that have less then 10 tiles and no monuments.
@PGGalileo not fixed.


Current points aren’t being fixed (atm), the fix is multiplying VP earned from what you currently have conquered

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I understand that, our VP has not increased.
We are 1/3 the VP or lower then teams with hardly any land. There is a bigger problem they are not addressing I believe.


So what you’re saying is, you screwed the pooch on another event & another attempt at kingdom wars.

Sadly it’s really just not good enough. The summer season has been a shocker for errors screw ups & glitches.

God knows what will happen on the atlas land shuffle :roll_eyes:


And people that have already used their rss to get and hold ground at the beginning of the event, are at a disadvantage because their scores were incorrect.
It is not a level playing field.


Only at a disadvantage if the teams you conquered start successfully fighting back…which yea that is likely, so your assessment could certainly still be accurate

Great for the fix but srsly … we lost a full day worth of Vp we should have won … we was rank 22 before the fix… with a large territory of normal tile and 2 minor monument and holding second rank majority on a major monument , this for about 12h non-stop… and the only team we been fighting is top 5 with 4-5 tile as territory… that is not fair lol im sure its possible to go back in time and add back the VP that should have be owned for each team…

The event itself is still glitched and players are having to reset between every attack because of the blank box that appears when clicking on a tile. For teams like mine that have fought hard and used tons of rss already fighting an impossible battle this is a slap in the face. Now we are told it’s “fixed” and in order to get what we already fought for we have to do it all over again, and all while the event is still glitched. Very depressing to say the least😔

Please at least tell me this will be the last time we see this version of this event. I honestly can’t see how anyone could prefer this over the old kw, especially not in the state it’s currently running.


We are ranked 19th and the team in the white is 4th. How is this a fix?