PG-mission bonus branch

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Just checking - it’s easy to make a mistake on this. There’s a table of what you should be getting with the boost with or without elite in Zami’s spreadsheet vault:

Also the timers that the balloon missions give are given in different denominations; I think they use the biggest timers they can to make up the sum.

If you already accounted for all that and it’s really not working, submit a ticket to the helpdesk. It may take some back and forth with them to get anywhere, but they can help sometimes.

ed: also the mission boost only affects balloon missions, not atlas rider missions or other rewards.

  1. Can you post SS of your mission branch balloon?
  2. Mission branch doesn’t affect Atlas.

Dang… Sorry, I meant balloon :see_no_evil:

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

If you think that 100% boost branch gives you double rewards on timers and eggs everywhere in the game then you are very mistaken what lead me to believe you are new to the game better get the fact straight before accuse someone from scamming you and the f word would just get your post moved I would change the title

I just want to add, whomever flagged this… Shane on You.

yes I figured…read the post again…I said I noted down the number of each timers I had nd then checked with egg token missions, opening chests and claiming event rewards and atlas rewards.
I kinda figured that atlas wasn’t involved in the bonus.

so that means claiming event rewards and opening chests are useless?
Only the zeppline missions get the bonus?
Btw thanks fr the spreadsheet, was really helpful.

The mission boost boosts balloon missions, nothing else. Why would claiming event rewards and opening chests be useless just because they’re not getting boosted? You’re expecting an awful lot from something that costs 3.2k sigils

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oky and the doubled amounts should show up in what your mission balloon offers you, do they? there has been a bug in the past where people would complete the branch but not immediately see the doubled amounts. It should be displayed if the boost is active. restarting the game works for some, but if it doesn’t show the boost even after that, you need support’s help.

if it’s showing the boosted amount but only giving half of what it shows, that’s a new one to me, but probably also a matter for support.

You were right…I logged out of the game, cleared cache and data and restarted the game…it works fine now and the bonus is showing up as it shuld in comparison to the tables you sent.

Like I said in a post frm long ago…its the little things that matter. PG doesn’t seem to understand how important smooth player experience is.

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