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So I get that PG has felt atlas has become stagnant… trying to change the map up isn’t a bad idea, however; I feel like most of the players felt that wasn’t the problem.

I feel like the problem lies deeper into the mechanics of atlas. I feel like most of the players feel like it’s too much of a gamble to attack people these days.

My proposal would be to deal away with farmer hats completely. Allowing players to build as many troops as the could farm gold. I.e. farm 15m gold, build 15k troops. A lot more players would be collecting crazy numbers of troops and it would be more feasible to go attack a castle.
I would also like to propose the idea of making the troop revival rate to 100% while defending your own castle/5ta. I think this would be an excellent improvement and would help in the increase of atlas activity.

Just a thought, I think it would turn the game around for you guys. Anyways, thanks for entertaining the thought.



Glory swapping central

I don’t feel like I need to elaborate beyond that :grimacing: But I could if it’s really needed


Maybe if you made it cost more gold it could be balanced?
But I don’t think the issue lies in farmers.

It really doesn’t. I legit have well over 2B gold in gold packs, that would be a stupid amount of troops, and it won’t affect the frequency of my attacks.

What would affect the frequency of my attacks is fixing broken mechanics. The reason many don’t go hit castles is due to early quitting, krefeeble, fort buffs that force you to use siegers due to how skewed things are for the defending castle, which makes early quitting easier, among many other issues.

Farmers really aren’t the issue.


You where so close, and then you went and dropped the rock. The problem isn’t troop limitations or this “gamble” you speak of. The biggest things leading to stagnation are, in no particular order. Lag, safe castles, and Conquering mechanics.

If you wish to fix atlas you have to address all these of these problems. The reshuffle was supposed to address one, however it failed because it didn’t address all 3 (it was also crazy imbalanced but there’s 500+ posts about that).


Your troops proposal wouldn’t work. As would make no difference at all as far as ratios go. Instead of players having 100k troops hitting players with 1m. You would have 1m troops hitting 10m. Nothing would change.

From my perspective, the reason I seldom partake in castle attacks is, once you get more than 10 players attacking, the lag is horrendous, so I simply don’t bother.
Losing troops for me isn’t the issue, losing troops because youre stood there unable to do anything, is.

And as fiery said, the mechanics need to be addressed. You’re worried about attacking castles because they will just counter attack and quit.

Also the map really does need addressing. There are teams out there that never get attacked because they have no access castles.

There’s one unnamed team with millions of troops per player, a plethora of T5s and T4s and never ever get attacked because you simply can’t get to them without going through 2 or 3 other castles, owned by the likes of dread etc, first. The majority of the team not even knowing how to properly play atlas, because they don’t need to.

And there is undoubtedly other teams like that out there.

Additionally its all well and good introducing new teams to atlas. But they will never succeed as the current map is setup to watch them fail. If they were to buy a castle or conquer one or whatever, they couldn’t hope to hold it.

They don’t have the troop counts being new, nor the knowledge and experience, and definetely not in a position to get a non access castle to build from.



I have none :cry:


I just never seem to need them :sweat_smile:


I use them mostly during prim training and sometimes during troop training event when I can’t mine gold fast enough

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Aside from agreeing with Fishey’s last post, I thought I’d highlight this:

(emphasis mine)

:point_up_2: Bold sentence forces new teams to turn to pirating (which is probably the right way to start) or pushes the need for a mega-alliance. Both which were unintended mechanics of atlas.


Yes :+1: