Pg needs to explain this

Since last expansion I have been struggling woth the fact that a team can whether hold or not 30 lvl 3 castles in atlas . It was confirmed back then by support , pg themselves and yet here we are today a team can hold only 20 lvl 3s , and in game there is a bug that says your team already holds “20 lvl 2s “ - even the bug is wrong . My point is this was originally advertised differently by pg themselves in forums : Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018

But as said above if your team holds 20 T3 , you get a message in game that says :” your team holds 20 lvl 2 castles and you cant get more “
I am not holding 20 lvl 2 s pg . So i did write to the support yesterday ,had the support 1st operator to reconfirm what I asked : how much lvl 3 s can a team hold . And her answer was :

Then I asked her again can I be 100% sure about , please bring one of pg direct employees to answer the ticket , but instead I got this answer :

This has been an issue since last expansion when there were free castles everywhere and still is today . We need an official answer , maybe @pgEcho . But guys if the last answer of support is correct you have been lying to us since last expansion which is not good . Call it false advertising , lie whatever u want then

Thank you Eff

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Maybe read a more recent update post :slight_smile:

April comes before August

I read the one support gave to me

You should know that support always has outdated information, this is just another example of it.

August information takes precedence over April information as far as i’m concerned.


agree with you but however as far as I have followed the issue between two updates there was never a statement that admited the issue . it was published differently in april ok but why didnt it work till august , if it was going to be changed ?

They confirm the same thing after asking them several times to talk to atlas team . Just got this a few min ago . I wonder now what is accurate according to the atlas team they talked to

They didn’t “talk “ to the atlas team. They look at a data base of outdated info.

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Sometimes I just feel they say they applied a fix and that I should reinstall just to get me busy for a few minutes so they could reply to dozens of easier tickets :thinking:🤷


Not sure because they have a metric that would go bad, but yes, sometimes it feels that way
Is not that I never did that neither in my job :relieved:

I trust them by default, especially if they actually replied to my issue spot on with seemingly human speech (aka not a mass reply). That’s just when I have a tricky bug (I’m currently getting notifications from previous Alliance in Atlas) that it doesn’t seem to work :persevere:

@pgEcho I am waiting for an official statement have screenshots with conversation with different members if support saying they confirmed with you and atlas team that a team can keep 30 T3

Hey all! The cap for level 2 and 3 castles is currently at 20. If you happened to have more than that at the time the change went live, we would not take them away, but you would not be able to conquer any further ones at that level.

@ChaosRiderEff, sorry for the response you received. I’ll dig into this further to figure out what happened here.

kinda obvious, as i have hundreds of tickets where they didn’t even read my question before responding. They took the first possible answer they could find and used it.


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