PG no longer returning castles lost to auto upkeep failure!

@Arelyna - So, PG returned a bunch of castles to teams that lost them because of the auto upkeep failure issue, but the team I mentor, Lonefamily, lost theirs recently due to the exact same issue (which is not completely fixed, which support techs have told me), and PG is now refusing to return their lost castle! This is NOT RIGHT!

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Starting a second thread is always helpful.

I could not find a thread on this that was still open.

Not even the one you commented on 15 minutes before making this thread? :rofl:


Yes, I noticed after i commented on that one, that that topic had been closed. Boy, you just love to stir up crap for no reason. I have a serious issue here we need to get fixed. Your editorializing is not going to help that.

Its not closed… :thinking:

And your serious issue is not going to get fixed on the forums. You’re going to have to resolve it through a ticket. But this issue has been going for over a month. Anyone who is not aware of it at this point and still relying on it is just asking for trouble.

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Whatever, i opened a new one…live with it.

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Well, I’m a mod and I say don’t open superfluous threads. I’m closing this one since a better one has already been linked (and you yourself admit to having commented in that other thread).