PG Ongoing Issues Thread

They closed down my last thread tracking all the problems encountered in the game. Not sure why they did. So I’m continuing it here.

If you’d like to read back, here’s my old thread: PG Dumpster Fire - #39


Maybe it had something to do with the friendly title? :rofl:


Well that’s sad, censorship is a pretty ugly path to follow


Are you sure your not sure tho?

aaaaaaand here we go:

  • Atlas Attack button missing
  • Passage list was on meth
  • Transfer troops button missing
  • Forums were down

But I’ll cut them slack on the last one as it’s not the actual game

However, I will say this:

I find it sad that we are so use to these dumpster fires that PG has completely stopped giving out apology gifts anymore. They simply just post, we are working on it.

I think if we added up all the recent glitches / disasters and placed an apology gift equivalent to it, we’d each had gotten a mythic for free this season.

  • After toggling shield on/off, the page doesn’t display any notification of success. You must leave the page and return to see if it worked.

Not optimal in an active battle.


It’s super good when two people try to toggle shield at once or you accidentally double-tap the button and get the opposite of what you wanted. Just a terrible UI even before this.

There has got to be a better game.

I don’t hate the game … I hate the pathetic state in which the game has fallen into.

There’s lots of potential in this game. The game that it once was could return if the focus of the development team was truly focused on fixing ALL the glitches.

Unfortunately, they are focused developing things that 1) the community doesn’t need (xp dragon missions, really?) 2) the community doesn’t even care about (rider pedestals?) 3) controversial changes that have massive risk to causing the game to fully crash for everyone.

New things ARE important. But not more important that giving us a REASONABLE glitch free game.

This thread is not a “I hate PG / WD thread” … this is a “I’m keeping you accountable on the massive problems you have in your game thread”


to clarify, I have mixed feelings about the current proposal. there are things I like: max 2 deep, new map; AND things I don’t like: 4:1:1 ratio, 5TA cluster.

I’m just worried about it’s execution and the potential cascade effect of glitches IF it gets release while the code base is full of bugs.


I think this sums It up very well:
“it’s a great game, ran by an incompetent company”


perhaps … but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that there are competent developers and employees there, I just think the REAL issue is corporate priorities are superseding things that pertain to 1) quality of product, and 2) quality of player experience


I don’t recall a time when this game was ever without glitches… perhaps pre-PG era? I wasn’t around then but as long as I’ve been playing there have always been glitches, severe balance issues, and overall bad decisions spurned by greed.

That said… I just started playing after quitting for a year and I have to say I’m actually kind of enjoying the new changes. Granted, it’s only been a day and maybe my judgement is clouded by nostalgia but still, it does seem to me that there have been improvements. Something I did not expect, honestly, after quitting because of the downward spiral the game seemed to be irreparably fixed on. With the introduction of PGGalileo the communication barrier that was so frustrating last year seems to have been improved dramatically.

Anyway, every game is going to have issues, but the persistent focus on the negative will only damage your own mentality in the long run. Trust me, that’s what it did to me, and that’s why I felt it was best to leave this game. I’m not implying you should do the same but I can say from experience that if your focus is the bad things then that’s all you’re ever going to see.


You might be alone on that. For the most of Atlas users, atlas was 90% down. You couldn’t move, couldn’t attack, attacks didn’t register, etc, etc. So yes, there are some changes that have come that are nice since you left and returned, but the introduction of distastes like KW, Fight Pits, Quest Resets, etc have soured many and the community is frustrated regardless of the nice things they have added.

But there was a time, about a year ago that you could have MASSIVE battles on a castle and the glitches were rare, far and few between. So while there have always been glitches, there has been a drastic increase in the last 12 months, especially last 6 months.


To be fair with PG, something globally dramatic happened over the last 6 month.

Also, I think this main game season was great : Krelos saves all of us a lot of time on a daily base and brought different meta to the game but also we had a new funky tower, 3 discounted branches and 2 very good mythics. If new Kingdom wars had worked, the main game season would have been a total success

For me, the main negative point is just Atlas where this last short season schedule and multiple postponing are terrible, as well as the exponential increase of lags mostly linked to massive battles.

If they manage to have a new functioning KW, fix the atlas lags and listen to shuffle feedbacks to act accordingly, I have hope

PS: I also firmly believe something has to be done to drastically reduce the path to N-2 in order to have a greater pool of players at the same level. Imho, it would really have a positive impact on player retention


Yeah, Atlas has always been a sore spot in terms of glitchiness and overall terrible design. :joy: I don’t even remember a time when I enjoyed a big atlas battle because I was too concerned about the lag which just completely destroys any fun about the battle and somehow always seems to benefit the enemy. That’s why I’ve given up on that aspect of Atlas. It’s a pirate life for me. (Which may prompt many to say I’m part of the problem with Atlas but eh).

The worst thing I have personally is the fact I grinded for bronze chests for 3 hours last night and got a whole 8 chests, then a single chest this morning after two hours of flying. I tried Atlas invaders, chest bases, normal bases, all above my level. Maybe I’m just the unluckiest person in the world or something is off. :joy: All I know is I think I’m swearing off chest grinding for the foreseeable future.

:thinking:that’s almost statistically impossible!

Not saying it didn’t happen. lol

If your curious about the rules of drop contact me in game. :+1:
I’ve been testing drop for about 5 yrs to determine what does
and does not effect drop.

And yes there are factors that effect drop other than level. :man_shrugging:

The art of profitable flight! :sunglasses::facepunch:

I know it is, and I know about the drops, which is why I am so confused haha. I started with 188 chests before I started grinding and after 5 combined hours I now have 198.

I tried restarting the game and reinstalling multiple times but it hasn’t changed. I’ll have to try again later. Anyway, this is off-topic so I’ll leave it here.

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So you believe there to be a chest drop glitch?

I’m not denying it, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Have you written support? Did they say anything?

Out of curiosity, because I know this is a factor in chest drops, were you hitting up or down? Approx. how many runs did you do?

Again, not denying the glitch, just compiling data since this is the first I’ve heard of it.

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Yeah we were having issues moving today to a castle.

There have also been teams who say that they have the shield enabled on their castle, but teams have been able to come in and conquer without the castle bubbling or the shield being disabled. It doesn’t make sense. So they lose a castle over glitches.

Yes, the most interesting part was that I had someone following me and he said he was getting chests but I was getting none.

I tried hitting a few levels up as well as 100 levels up. I tried my invader base many times as well. It’s not just chests; I’m not getting any drops at all. I probably did a hundred runs. I’ll try again in about an hour and see what happens but it was all of yesterday and this morning so I’m not hopeful.

As for support, unless they’ve replaced their entire support desk I would assume they’ll be very helpful and tell me to clear my cache/reinstall which I have already done. :joy: