PG please bring Back Tug of War

I’m just saying this. Miss the Event Tug of War.Please figure out the transition to a New Tug of War.Need new PvP event.And besides I miss my Victims Flags on my Base.:rofl::rofl:

Doing a quick search brought up that it was actually one of the most hated events, and has been replaced with fight pits as it’s equivalent:


“social experiment in misery” does sound like fun though

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Not sure you can say “one of the most hated”, as you can find a thread bitching about just about everything.

But it is relevant that Fight Pits was a replacement for Capture the Flag/Tug of War, and therefore not likely to be resurrected.

I personally found Capture the Flag enjoyable and superior to Fight Pits.


I vaguely remember Tug of War. Did not like it at all. Please don’t bring it back. I really liked King of the Hill, but they won’t bring that one back either in all likelihood since they took away the barricades.

Tug of War had a few of advantages over Fight Pits - you could hit all of the teams (though it didn’t necessarily pay to do so if the team was weak), you could hit any time during the round and you were helping your team (as opposed to the last 15-30 minutes of Fight Pits being the only helpful time), and for those periods when your team is mostly offline, while you lost flags, you didn’t get punished by being sent down to a lower value pit.


I was never a fan of Tug of War, and I really don’t like the Fight Pits.
Then Kingdom Wars was a thing and now neither Tug of War or Fight Pits seem as bad.


Tug of war with no mega coin please please please maybe run with the dungeons at same time would be best week ever.

I would take any event over the most detestable event of all time. Kingdom wars!!!

Please dont, that event was garbage. We dont need 2 of the same event, we need something new. Wanting the little flags on your base is not a good enough reason to bring back this dumpster fire of an event.



Is that what those were? I saw little flags on bases a year and a half or so, but never knew what they were.

Yep, you got to display the flags your team kept at the end of the event until the next Capture came around. It was nifty but not really worth playing that crappy event for.

No please, lets not endanger popularity contest won by Kingdom wars

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Tug of war was awful. I hated it more than King of the Hill. Tug was when they introduced megas? Gave each player a free one? And then claimed megas was a success. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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You hated KOTH? Which PVP events did/do you like?

Conquer the World :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It was, IMO a better version of Kingdom Wars, since you weren’t instantly screwed over if you happened to have bad neighbors (since you could hit everyone in the same league…)


The map was kinda pointless, though, as all it did was give a visual representation of who was doing well. And placement on the map did matter - if you were at the top, you got hit more - to see teams on the bottom, you had to scroll down, and a lot of people wouldn’t bother. If you were on bottom, or sides, you were much better off.

I guess it would depend on what device you were playing on. I was pretty much able to see the entire map on my iPad so I was unaware of the issues you mentioned.

Dear lord no, tug of war was awful.
Bring back KOTH If anything.

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