PG.. Please Change this Da** Music

It is over…MONOTONOUS …Been on toooooo long…
How about Ride of the Valkyries

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There’s music? I typically play with the game on silent.


The music helps me to notice if I accidentally didn’t close the game lol.

There’s ominous music. Either a game boss is going to enter my room, or I left one of my iPads on WD. :eyes:

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I play my own music and turn off the in game one when i know i am going to be in game for a long time. Maybe do that? It’s much simpler. Pretty sure you will get bored too with the next set of BGM


You’re probably right…after years…it just seems like one thing they can do

Someday, I’ll make a War Dragons playlist, so I can do that. Although having some unfitting music playing could be funny lol.

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Also, there is a current active thread that is similar.

I’d love some new music! The first few weeks of it were nice however, at this time I only ever use the music for my videos and muted at all other times.

I really couldn’t care less, it’s hardly an immersive game that needs music to support it, and even if they changed the music every month it would still get old after an hour and be turned off.

Yo hey man you back?!

Hey Tony! Yes! just recently came back. A lot of things have changed! probably my new favorite QoL change has to be the ability to breed faster eggs :raised_hands:


I am shocked whenever I come across somebody that doesn’t turn all sound off immediately.


The game has sound?


Here is help with your problem: go to game settings and turn music OFF. Or play on MUTE. And if you really want to listen to music while playing; use pandora or Spotify or something else. Easy solution.

Also surprised people actually play with the music on lol I personally hate the music.

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War Dragons App: Settings > Music OFF > Sound OFF
Phone: Home screen > Music App > Favorite Music ON
War Dragons: Launch App

I keep the music off. I agree it is repetitive. I just have the sound on because it makes me focus on my runs and not let my mind wander lmao. Music isn’t a priority at all, so just turn it off :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the replies. I did turn the music off​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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