PG please fix things


Excuse me?? Pg told us the end of the year NOBODY forced them to do it now… put the blame where it belongs pg didn’t do due diligence (shocking I know) I’m sure everyone would’ve rather waited till next month if it meant not having to deal with all this crap… about the ONLY thing working is the breeding go figure


1600 posts in two threads made urgency, then they said “we’ll do tier costs reductions give us time”, that thread got countless “give us a time frame” “y’all gonna get it before breeding event?” “You said more info by end of September, we’ll its here now, where’s the info” edit: (quotes are not direct quotes just representations)


Asking for a time frame and demanding a change immediately are not the same thing at all. People didn’t ask if it would be before breeding event until they announced that the change would roll out within the week. So once again, as always, you’re totally misguided. Pretty sure you’re just mad because PG didn’t take your genius inflation model idea.


Don’t set him off again…

There was no reason for this to have been shoved out the door. They could have very easily left it until their original date, but decided to deliver what I think was a complete first step.


Agreed, but with all the PG hate in every thread they felt pressured to get it out ASAP


Again, people expressing their anger at PG didn’t force their hand into anything. They made their own decisions.

Ironically, you seem to be the one whining here. :man_shrugging: Guess no one should ever ask for change ever.


No whining here, just stating what happened here. Masses demanded change and got it. Now we all, PG and the players, will analyze what becomes of it and will continue to try and make things better.


If my deliverables suffered as many glitches as this game does, I would be unemployed and unemployable because my reputation would be shot.


The change was necessary, contrary to your belief evidently. The masses didn’t ask for progression for cheap laughs or in an attempt to break the game. Every big update PG implements has come with issue so this one is no different. It’s just a matter of people who didn’t want to see progression scaled whining. :man_shrugging:

I agree the game is really broken right now and it’s affecting me since Atlas isn’t working for me at all right now and I’m on my last week of atlas elite. I’ll refund it, wait for fixes, and enjoy the fact that I just got an obsolete sapphire breeding dragon for 30% less egg tokens.



PG needs zero help or encouragement from us to screw up the code. This has happened before (sync errors anyone?) and it will happen again, and it has nothing to do with “whiners”.

Yes, it’s extremely frustrating, but the blame doesn’t fall on the players any more than it falls on Arelyna or Crisis.

Go bitch about it here:


Agreed errors are common in the game.

You are saying by this they aren’t at fault at all yes? Cause them two are mainly the face and middle people, not shot callers. I didn’t blame the players, I just said PG was mobbed and this is what we got.

My bonus and chests haven’t had an issue, no need.


To anyone saying that they were forced to roll out something too quickly. That is incorrect. @TheRedDelilah has been asking for changes for around a year if I’m not mistaken.


Lol the need for change has been around since the start over 3 yrs ago. She created the mob because normal asking for change over the years hadn’t gotten much results and it felt like the players weren’t being heard. Since the force for change became so overwhelming with Red’s tactic it did create a since of urgency. Change is not a bad thing, but impatience causes problems.


You’re making a lot of assumptions. You have no idea how long they have been working on it. For all you know, my “mob” could have just forced them to announce they were going to do it. I would bet my whole account plus my favorite alt this was being worked on and was ready to come out already.


Does your NDA give you an unfair advantage to that bet? And they’ve talked about fixing lots of things for years as you know. Talk is also cheap as you know. So, them talking about change for years meant nothing until the urgency. Ya?


What do you think the GPF does? Just twiddle our thumbs? Use your brain and think about why on God’s green earth we would stick out having a second job to try to help the playerbase if we didn’t do something. I’m sure you can come to your own conclusions here, Bambam.


We weren’t talking the GPF, we were talking PG and the fix.

This is OP of new

So I said reason, now is my reason untrue? Trying to keep the tangents small and keep to the OP.


BamBam, what you’re doing isn’t keeping the tangents small. It’s creating a semi infinite loop whenever you respond; you’re making the same conversation go into circles. So just give up if you know that you can’t win the argument.


So. I’m saying you’re making the ASSUMPTION PG did this quickly. I’m saying that’s a bad assumption to make because I’m in the GPF and a lot happens behind the scenes. I’m saying your assumption of “the mob making them do something quickly” is not accurate and is simply a conjecture based off of a sliver of information.

Yes I caused a scene. Yes I did so purposefully actually knowing all the information. You don’t know my reasons or what may have changed. You literally know nothing about the situation other than the surface level, which you’ve chosen to use to make inaccurate assumptions.


Please stick to what the OP wrote. This is off-topic.

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