PG Please Give Us Player Search

This should seem pretty obvious but PG should create a way for people to search individual players. Normally you would go to the team meeting hall and search teams right? Well what if you wanted to find a certain player?? What if you wanted to find a old teammate or wanted to look at someone’s stats but didn’t know what team they were on? Currently the only way over this is to send them a message to look at their profile. You would have to enter in “hi” for the subject and “hi” in the message itself etc. but then it gets annoying and people might get confused or think you’re trolling them. Unfortunately the leader of my former team kicked me over this saying that she got complaints about me sending “weird messages” to people(she is level 217 btw smh) and decided I “acted inappropriately” which somehow warranted me being thrown under the bus and kicked from the team. This was a “why doesn’t this exist yet” question before but after I got kicked because of it I decided to post about it. Also PG I’m pretty sure this would make the game much more convenient for the whole player base.

EDIT: What if after reading this post you decide to search MY profile up? You may get curious about my level, my attack power, defense power, my team, etc. And how are you gonna do it?? Obviously it wouldn’t be fun for me to receive blank messages in my inbox, but think how easy it would be if there was a player search.

EDIT 2: Lots of people will defend the mail method but its is highly likely PG just didn’t think about a player search and the mail method was just there to get over it.


Player search opens the door to trolling and more.


This is a terrible idea. At least when you message someone they KNOW you’re looking at them. This is super creepy.


Would be great for finding old team mates but people change names and I don’t want unpleasant people searching for me either so probably not such a great idea

I think it’s all right just as it is. If you want to find someone, you still can. Keep the ,messages from only those who you really want to, and then you will know if a name change occurs, without losing the identity of that person.
E.g: former mate, Lad123 decided to go on as Lassie321. How should I know about this if

a. not by checking the team I saw him last time
b. having correspondence indicating the change.

Same applies when you block someone.

This works great until you update your game and it randomly blows away all your messages. Happened to me a couple of updates ago. :frowning:

It. Was. The. Worst.

And to add insult to injury, they decreased the max number of mail you could save to 75. Before, I could easily save 300+ different pieces of mail. Then all of that was gone after the update. I can understand why, before the tabs, everything was grouped together, but I don’t like it.

If you’re seeing this Yellow, sorry for the sudden silence. I could never remember your ingame name after I lost that mail.

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Dont you think you “acted inappropriately”? You message some old teammate and they reported you back to the leader. It sounds like you did something wrong in the message, would you mind sharing those mail?

Op is sincere, yet the rest will most likely and probably will ruin this idea . This is why we cannot have nice things. I agree with the OP, but it will never happen because the world is full of too many jerks.

You agree with OP but missed someone pointing out there is already means to find a player.

We all clear out our mail eventually. To keep mail just to track someone assumes too much. The op is not talking about this and also to be honest what you are telling me ftom the other lists is to be a creepy person who tracks players out of spite and not out of , “ Heh how are ya”! Which is what the op is going for and just being joyful. You on the other ya d are just negative and like to hold grudges imo. We can’t have nice things!

Being you have to remember their name and they have to have the same name sending a new letter out works well

The rest of your post, assuming you replied to mine, does not make sense in context of what I said so I will leave it alone.

No one holds onto positive mail, yet we hold onto negative mail just to get revenge one Day or forevermore. Do Be it. Humans love dirty laundry more than anything else. Imo. This is our folly.

and not very relevant to my comment. Thanks for clearing that up.

What is the means to finding another player that the op missed?searching teams and leagues is too time consuming. Do please let me know .

Send them a mail. Very simple and already stated.

You seem to keep mail for grudges, which I am sure you have your reasons. That does not prevent you from sending a new mail.

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Imo you are about to place an appendage connected to the ankle in the hole under your nose.

I rest my case.

No you do. Omg you are a complete troll

Wow, this is amazing… :neutral_face: