PG - Please move updates which impact Atlas PvP to crafting event

PG - The PvP downtime is especially impacting players during the Glory event. If possible, move the scheduled updates to the crafting event. TY


If they could they would. But they don’t control when the AppStore or Playstore push updates

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Lot other games doing weekly updates and allways make it on the store. So i call this statement a lie.


Can’t believe this is still happening after all the push back. Come on PG FFS.

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Heart is in the right place…IMHO it’s the wrong idea. Don’t move updates…move the events. Currently with PVP down, no one can attack but everyone can make troops. Therefore if it’s too much trouble to move the update schedule, move the event schedule so the event that doesn’t need pvp (Troop Training/Reviving) happens whenever an update is released.


That definitely sounds like a more plausible idea!

But, the primary driver of points in troop event is troops in hospital, how do you plan on getting them into the hospital when you can’t attack?

I agree with this

If they moved it, glory event would run into ACTUAL pvp event… which would result in more down time.

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Do the attacks to put them there before the Training event. You can still train troops and only loose 1 day of attack so you can earn prizes. As opposed to not being able to earn prizes during the Glory Hunt. I agree move the events around so the updates are never during glory hunt.

But what is being asked is to put troop train immediately after PvP event which means it would follow another train event.

Pushing the glory event onto the weekend may make sense, but it really would force swapping during PvP if the troop training event immediately followed a PvP event.

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Not really…the pvp shields would be down now except for the planned update. So…run glory event as advertised…end event as advertised…then start a new glory hunt…then next would be troop training…then the following weekend be crafting/leveling…followed by troop training.


I don’t know the solution but boy loosing at least 24hours of the event every glory hunting one is getting old… you can’t make an event around something you prevent us from doing for a quarter of the time :woman_facepalming:

No. This works just fine


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