PG Please Read ..... Everyone Please leave your thoughts on my idea

Hi Pg, I got a great idea that I will love to share with you, that honestly will be a good benefit for everyone.( of course this is my opinion)

Honestly I love your hard work on making Season Mythic Dragons ever season but I honestly hate when your beautiful dragon design fade a way. Ok here’s my idea, as for every season there a Mythic dragon, An it’s always top tier or the newest tier available. But I honestly don’t like when you release a new tier an the Mythic Divine gets benched after 3-6 months. An we the players( Whole Community), pay for the divine usually around $1k+, but with that money we can do better things with, but we don’t because we love this game. What I’m saying is can you make a “Mythic Stone” (MS) were we can evolve the Mythic Season Divine to the newest release top tier so we can fell like are money was well worth spent,An it only works for the Season Mythic Divines. But if u can make a additional branch that cost 28k Sigils or what ever feel fit, that have the “MS” as the last prize. So we can feel that are money is worth spending on these Season Mythic Divines cause we know with the “MS” we can enjoy the Mythic, an we will spend more on even more season Mythic to come. Knowing we can assure are investment was worth every penny.

An I know it takes you guys(PG) a while to put more content in the game an I appreciated your hard work :blush:, I hope you bring my idea up in a new addition to the game.

Thank you for your time.




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OP, I’ll make it quick for ya: no new evolution stones are being released for past dragons. They are limited time and will stay as they are. :t_rex:

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@GoldFangSniper, thanks for your suggestion! Please see this post I’ve made previously on bringing back seasonal divine stones, which is in relation to your suggestion about the “mythic stone” you mentioned above. This applies to any dragons that are specific to seasons, and the stones will not be available in-game after the season is over.


It’s the cool thing to do…

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This person made their first suggestion post within 5 minutes of joining the forums.
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Lol. I think he reads it because he got creative with the name :man_shrugging:.
A new name we can add to the list.

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I believe the only time we have a new stone for mythic is when PG introduces a new tier in the season. And that changes Mythic of current tier into Legendary of next tier (please confirm)

it would save everyone reading time if you put this in the title: Evolution stone for past season dragon (mythic)


They probably knew what kind of response evolution stones would get, so they increased their word count and threw in some, synonyms(?) to help beat around the bush and make people read.

Or they really dont know. the point is the title is vague where it should be more relevant to the content

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Clearly you didn’t read what I said currently, I never said anything about bring back any past evolution stones. I said they need to make a new evolution stone that only work for “Season Mythic Dragons” when you already have all the stones for the Mythic dragon, but when they release a new tier of dragons that’s we’re the new stone comes in play. So when you already max out the mystic dragon when a new tier camped out you use that stone to evolve him to the newest tier to keep him up to date so are money was worth investing in the dragon that cost us $1k+, An you can’t desgree what I’m saying it make sense.

I appreciate that you like my idea, thank you.

Once a dragon + its stones has been released and the season ends, they have no plans in releasing any further stones for them. I read what you said just fine. :t_rex:

Hey PGCrisis, thank you for responding so quickly, but I believe you misunderstood me​:sweat_smile:, I said you guys(PG) should make a New Stone” Mythic Stone”, so when we max out the Mystic Season Dragon we use the “MS” to evolve to the newest tier, basically what I’m saying is with the stone we keep the Mystic dragon up to date with every new tier. Cause as the player we spend a pretty penny on these Mystic season Divine, An with that money spent , we want to make sure are investment was worth the money. Knowing if this stone is in the game we don’t mind spending the money for these Mythic knowing we can keep them up to date with these new tiers yet to come. Thank you :blush:

The Seasonal divines that Crisis mentions in that post includes the Mythic divines.

Once the season concludes, the dragons’ evolution stones will not be added to. :t_rex: