PG please start event (My comrades are crying like babies)

But seriously…it’s getting late in Europe.

If you could start it sooner that would be greatly appreciated.


I’ll eat my left foot if it doesn’t start at three PM. That’s in three minutes.



You won’t!

Video, or it didn’t happen

You want fries with that?

I already made that gamble with a friend about somethin’ different, and I lost, so I guess I have to eat my left foot twice now if it doesn’t start. I’ve sure gotten myself into a pickle.

You know, they don’t care about us european :slight_smile:

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Lol didn’t start. Better get some ketchup…

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You’re gonna need two left feet, hope you don’t dance well!

You want soda to wash that flesh down?

It still hasn’t started!? PG, please start it now.

Omg you guys :joy:

I’ve got timers to burn!

Yeah I am stayed awake the whole night for this, its like 6 am here now in SG…

Pg please flip the switch, this random starting time is ridiculous

It is!

Whoa whoa, lack-toes intolerance is a real disease. Don’t kid :footprints:

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Nice pun there!

YES!!! THE EVENT HAS STARTED FOR ME!!! What about for the rest of you guys?