PG please start testing updates prior to roll out


I feel like every update has gone untested and rushed into the app stores.

Every single update I’ve had in the last 6 months that’s meant to fix something minor creates larger more annoying bugs than what was fixed.

I cannot understand why a development company with such a large player base would do this over and over again.

Maybe instead of outsourcing support, PG should outsource programming and testing, seriously this is like taking a car with an air conditioner stuck on max cold to a mechanic and being fixed by sticking it on max heat.

PG please get your act together and stop breaking stuff trying to fix it.


…have you ever worked with outsourced programming and testing? You don’t want to. “No, you can’t drop the table, because you’ll take down the system.” “Okay, we dropped the table as requested.”


Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results, PG certainly fits that description with these updates.

I’ve never worked with a code base as large as theirs but it certainly seems that they haven’t either.


I get that you’re frustrated with the release, but there’s nothing constructive about this. Our releases are tested before they go live. Could we do a better job? Absolutely. I’ll never claim we’re perfect or that we don’t have room to improve, but each release goes through many rounds of testing.