Pg removed my rune and never put it in my vault

Pg removed my legendary rage glyph off of my necryx, and then never put it back in my vault and is now claiming I put it on a dragon that has the same glyph on it for over 2 months, and are refusing to give it back. Can I get some help with this matter.
@PGJared @PGEggToken

They should be able to check logs for it, so ask them about that first, then ping PGJared if they’re still not responding?

What’s your ticket number?

#1034168 @PGJared

Been arguing with them about it got 3 or 4 messages, they played stupid and ignored what I said at first, and then said I placed it on a dragon that previously had it, also I was told they would remove my rune of storms off my neptus. I placed it on accident then they claimed they never said they would and I’m not allowed anymore removals

I’m already to request remove runes in my dragons, and that runes back to my vault

one of the 2 was placed in my vault I’ve checked 4 times @ANOMALI666

In my email, i’m request to PG “Just remove in my dragons and don’t salvage that runes, can you help me please”

Like I said, they removed 2 runes from my dragon. One of them appeared back in my vault the other did not so what you’re sayig isn’t helping

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@pgjared can we make rune removal from dragons a feature in the GUI please? Like rune removal from monuments. I’m sure players will be more than happy to pay rubies for rune removal.

The amount of time and hassle your team needs to go through to facilitate this is beyond me.


Without a doubt and then pg would have less messages coming in for help and would build morale throughout the war dragons community

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@PGJared @PGEggToken your support team is not teasing my messages or helping me

I’m going to have it looked at. Today is a holiday at the PG offices (Presidents’ Day) so I’m kind of doing things between loads of dishes and trays of cookies going in and out of the oven in my personal time. Rest assured that it will be reviewed though.

@PGJared Long as it gets taken care of not in a hurry, just don’t want it to be another pushed to the side and forgotten matter that’s difficult to reopen after the fact

Yeah I really need help, your support team is beyond useless. I had 2 legendary rage glyphs before they “helped” me now I have 1 and it was removed off of my noctua without me asking them to. I need this fixed ASAP.

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